Thursday , 7 July 2022

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Happy Holidays and Thank You

All of my best wishes for a healthy, happy and propsperous holiday season and 2009.  Be well and if you are facing challenges remember that this too shall pass.  Do whatever you can for others les fortunate and enjoy life and being with those around you.  David Frees and Family Thumbnail Credit: Falashad Read More »

If You Are Wondering About the Last Post then Think About This…

Metacognition is the ability to know about yourself and how you learn and accomplish things.  The last post was addressing an issue of metacognition and how you become aware of your own process in your personal life – experiencing and improving relationships around the holidays while altering and enjoying your life. But I know that no entreprenuer will leave life ... Read More »

Being In The Moment This Holiday Season

I know that what follows is a little out of the ordinary.  Where are the business strategies and tactics that work? I have plenty for you between now and the end of the year.  But for now…. Well…… Have you ever had the experience of enjoying something so much that time just flew by – that time didn’t even seem ... Read More »

The Six Word Question That Can Change Everything

Want one technique that works every time to break down fear and opposition in others while at the same time making you wiser, more powerful, and happier? A technique that can make you a better parent, spouse, partner, and business giant? Want to know how you can change the biochemistry of others to make you more persuasive in a way ... Read More »

Seth Godin Speaks About His New Book "Tribes"

Seth Godin’s new book Tribes examines the new direction of successful marketing. Seth’s theory is that the internet has facilitated the formation of new types of tribes, associations, social groups and there is a shortage of trusted leaders. This allows us as experts to build a community that we can really benefit and for whom we can build real value ... Read More »

A Really Powerful Twitter Tool For Business

If you currently use twitter to communicate with customers, clients, or prospects you have got to see this. My son Josh just let me know about it and I’m not done testing but it is hugely powerful. I’ll keep you posted as I test but you might want to be ahead of the wave on this. If you’re even thinking ... Read More »

Using The HIPSTER PDA To Get Results

If you’ve seen me speak or attended any of my Master Mind weekends you’ve probably heard about the Dave Frees version of the HIPSTER PDA. I’ve tried every type of gimmick, scheduler, and gadget but nothing has worked as well for me as the HIPSTER PDA. When I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done I was able to take the ... Read More »

Malcom Gladwell at Pop Tech

If you enjoyed Malcom Gladwell’s books Blink and The Tipping Point be sure to take a peek at Malcom’s speech to Pop Tech. This is a review of some ideas that he’ll be examining in his newest book Outliers: The Story of Success. Malcom has a unique way of thinking about things. Be sure to ask yourself: How can I ... Read More »

How To Increase Small Business Revenues When The Economy Is Falling

Have you experienced a reduction in revenues since the economy started freezing up in July? Have you fallen victim to the ostrich approach of not paying attention and/or denying that the state of the economy effects you? Or, have you adopted the opposite problem mindset of becoming so obsessed with bad economic news that failure becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? ... Read More »