Sunday , 14 April 2024

The Six Word Question That Can Change Everything

Want one technique that works every time to break down fear and opposition in others while at the same time making you wiser, more powerful, and happier? A technique that can make you a better parent, spouse, partner, and business giant?

Want to know how you can change the biochemistry of others to make you more persuasive in a way that helps you and the other person and at the same time makes your relationships better and stronger?

How would it feel to approach opposition from a position of confidence and certainty?

Are there really six words that can start to change everything in my life? That seems impossible… isn’t it?

I’ve been speaking on the topic of enhanced communications for over ten years now and I have been writing about and researching the topic for decades. Audience members have included people from all walks of life, colleges and universities and many fortune five hundred companies.

I’ve developed and used my communications, persuasion, and negotiating skills as a speaker, a lawyer, an interrogator, a cross examiner and a counselor.

I have come to the conclusion, through all of this, that very few skills have the ability to enhance so many other skill sets and so many areas of your life as improved communications skills.

Think about it. When you are a better and more effective communicator you become more persuasive. You’re a better negotiator. You are a stronger and better leader. You become a better partner, spouse, parent, leader or manager.

So focusing some attention on discovering how the best communicators achieve and use these skills can produce a huge return on investment in both your business and personal life.

This blog will be focusing on the skills, strategies, tactics and tools of the great communicators. I’m not just going to tell you what they do but specifically how to do it.

I guarantee that you’ll soon begin to notice improvements in many areas of your life.

And, I will be focusing on the big strategic picture and the tactics. Each video will teach a specific and usable lesson. I’ll still be keeping you posted on marketing, self improvement, life and mind hacks too.

But to get started, I wanted to comment on and answer a number of questions that I have been receiving about the six word question that can change everything. Curious? Good. It’s working already isn’t it?

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Your comments are always welcomed below and I’ll begin to shape the information you get by listening to your comments. Enjoy!