Tuesday , 23 July 2024


Quantum Charisma: Building Relationships that Sell TM

If you are looking for an exciting, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable sales oriented program that will help you to build communication sales skills and relationships, then Quantum CharismaTM is the program for you.

David Frees is an internationally known speaker and presenter on the issues of effective communication, persuasion and sales. He has helped the sales forces of numerous corporations to understand the principals and techniques of powerful communication and his programs begin to build skills, confidence, and results almost immediately. The programs are hilarious, highly motivational and very substantive. Participants enjoy results almost immediately by changing the focus of their communication and by easily and seamlessly beginning to develop and employ their new skills.

For the successful sales professional, this program helps you to build on skills that you have already honed and in particular helps you to identify the methods that you already use successfully and elegantly.