Thursday , 18 January 2018

Using The HIPSTER PDA To Get Results

If you’ve seen me speak or attended any of my Master Mind weekends you’ve probably heard about the Dave Frees version of the HIPSTER PDA.

I’ve tried every type of gimmick, scheduler, and gadget but nothing has worked as well for me as the HIPSTER PDA. When I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done I was able to take the PDA to a new level of effectivness.

Anyway, I did a very brief video on the PDA to get you started. If you want more just leave me a comment below.


Dave Frees

Thumbnail Credit: karindalziel

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  1. Dave,

    I like it – I’m sitting here watching your vid and the comments about clutter are dead on (past, present, knowledge, wisdom) good stuff.

    Thanks I’m going to remove some clutter.


    Ryan Pitz

    PS: Nice meeting you in St. Louis

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