Monday , 17 June 2024

5 Resources To Boost Your Marketing

Better SEO, Better Online and Off Line Marketing Tools, Better Marketing Strategies, and Better Results
By: Dave Frees

Whenever I run a mastermind program, I ask myself two important questions:

(Note: There’s a hint there about great marketing.  Asking new questions about your customers, clients, or prospects get you focused on new ways of looking at things and new sources of revenue, profits, and marketing ideas.)

1. Who should I invite to the mastermind sessions?

The mix of people, personalities, and skills is very important to getting the most from a mastermind session.  This is especially true since most mastermind members will be participating to help you find the best solutions to your problems, as well as enhancements to what’s already working.


2. What tools, ideas, and resources can I take to share with everyone?

Sharing your most recent discoveries and “what’s working right now” are two of the very best aspects of masterminding.  Everyone loves this and comes away with new software, freeware, ideas, books, systems, and more information that they can start using right now to improve business profitability and the quality of their life.

So, as I prepare to host my next Vegas mastermind program – 3DaystoSuccess – I am paging through my moleskin notebooks, looking for some of the best stuff to help to boost the effectiveness of systems, marketing, and management of my time and the business.

I have promised the mastermind members only the best stuff from the Dave Frees collection, but I have a few really choice bits of information that you can use to improve your marketing statrting right now.

If you haven’t already seen it, I also just posted a very interesting marketing article on how I turned a $12.00 subscription to cosmo into real money for my business.

But if you’re interested in a free marketing resource that has great ideas every time you visit, make sure that you check out

Here are just a few of the great free resources posted on the site:

Want better SEO and search engine positioning for your online or off-line business?
Read: Better SEO From Page Titles

Have a tested idea and want targeted mailing lists of just the right demographics?
Read: Hot Lists From Target Marketing.

Want regular advice from marketing legend Denny Hatch?
Read: Denny’s Marketing Blog

Well, that’s quite a few marketing information sources, ideas, and strategies for right now.  Find one that you like and do one thing with it today that will improve your marketing results and your profitability.

To discover hundreds more ideas and the information that you’ll need to tame the crazy busy quality of your life while increasing your business without increasing the time you put in join us in Las Vegas and get the details at

Just for visiting the site I’ll give you access to a free 1 long seminar video and other resources that should help to both explode your marketing success and reduce the chaos and stress in your life.

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