Thursday , 8 June 2023

7 Reasons to Subscribe And Why You’ll Love It!

  1. You never have to check the site for updates again, and you get the latest and greatest first just sent to you directly! Like the VIP that you are.
  2. It’s totally free to VIPs like you.
  3. The content works, and using e-mail or RSS saves you wasted visits. More results in less time.
  4. Exclusive content and competitions–from cutting-edge gadgets to round-the-world tickets–are often limited to subscribers only. If you want the rarest opportunities, subscribing is the way to go.
  5. Your info will never be shared with anyone. I hate spammers as much as you do. Scout’s honor.
  6. Subscribing is worth testing for a few days just to experience it. Decide you prefer visiting? Just unsubscribe with one click and you’re back at the campfire.
  7. Subscribers are smart and hot.


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  1. Hey Dave, we met at a conference back in 2001. Robin was with you, and I kept both of your cards because you made such an impression on me. Fast forward twenty years, I’m a business owner on the brink of another product innovation. I’m looking through my cultivated resources, and found your card. I read two blogs, watched part of a video and feel totally refreshed. Thanks!

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