Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Are You Ignoring the Big Idea?

Have you ever been trying to help another person or yourself to get over a trauma, a limiting belief, or some negative experience and just had the sense that they believe that it will go on for ever and ever?

Have you ever had a bad experience and suspected or told yourself that this is going to “last forever,” or “take a long time to get over?”

The reality is, that we humans can be, and often are, resilient and often able to make real and lasting changes in a short period of time. But the other reality is that we often want, for a variety of reasons, our changes or recovery to take a long time.

And, as you know from previous articles, we often get what we expect thanks, in part, to the reticular activating system of the brain.

But if you really want change, and you want it now, or you’re trying to help someone else to achieve change, then you should be open to the belief that the problem might already be cured, the negative or limiting belief might be abandoned, and the traumatic feeling might be gone and it might never happen again.

Sure, you can acknowledge that it might take some time, minutes, hours, or even days, but be open to the idea, to the belief, that it might already be gone.

In fact, be open to the belief that you might, just by reading this article be better at helping, and persuading already and that you might be able to use this technique already, effortlessly, and effectively.

So how does it work and why?

Well, once you have been chatting with someone who has been experiencing a problem, and they now have a solution, simply say: “It might take a few tries to make this work, but be open to the belief that the problem is already solved.”

If you have established trust with this person, this phrase will often open their mind to a possibility that it had never considered before.

This simple phrase can have the dramatic effect of allowing them to imagine a world in which their problem, fear, or trauma, is already a thing of the past.

Hmmm… Ethical persuasion that can accelerate learning, results, healing and improvements. Got a use for that?

Thumbnail Credit: DerrickT