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Why do meeting planners, business leaders, academic institutions, non-profits and trade associations hire David Frees again and again as a keynote speaker and/or communications consultant?

It’s simple. He delivers what they want, he is easy to work with and he adapts his programs to the specific needs and goals of his audience. In short, he is an outstanding, practiced and professional speaker. What’s more, audiences love him. He takes the risk out of booking a speaker or trainer.

David’s programs teach communication, persuasion, presentation and leadership skills. However, his keynote speeches and training are more than that. They evoke laughter and they get results. The programs are interactive. From the beginning he helps the audience clarify its goals, then he delivers in an entertaining, scientific and persuasive style. The audience does not have to accept his suggestions–they actually experience the lessons of powerful leadership, communication and persuasion skills. David’s success with audiences is the result of years of training as a speaker and the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and development costs.

Who is David?

David is an author, attorney, internationally known speaker and seminar presenter. By the time he was twenty-three, David had visited all fifty states, lived in and studied in four countries and started two businesses, and he has yet to slow down! He is chairman of Success Technologies Inc. and Red Wire Press, and a partner in the law firm of Unruh Turner Burke & Frees where he represents numerous entrepreneurs, executives and corporate clients including banks, developers, and corporations. David has appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) and various radio programs and co-hosted “Abundant Living,” a weekly radio interview program dealing with wealth, goal setting and achievement. He is also the author of the communications book, “The Language of Parenting” and a weekly newspaper column. David has served as a member of the board of directors, an officer, or advisor to many corporations and charitable organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Valley Forge Historical Society, Sentry Technologies, Inc., Success Technologies Inc. and First Financial Bank.

He has addressed national and international corporate audiences, conferences, conventions and retreats, including employees of J.P. Morgan, PECO Energy, Verizon, Smith Barney, GE, Omnicare, ARAMARK Service Master, the Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers, as well as numerous professional trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, school districts, colleges, universities, business and political groups, including elected officials, political candidates and state legislators.

David lived in and attended school in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. He later returned to the United States and attended Dickinson College as an undergraduate student and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he also founded and managed a business, Execucom, Inc., to assist young professionals and professional students. He is father of three children, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a certified second degree black belt martial arts instructor.

David has dedicated himself to presenting high quality keynote speeches and educational programs.

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