Monday , 2 October 2023

Dave Frees, Frank Kern, and John Reese On Correcting Marketing Mistakes

Frank Kern just sent me a link to a 2003 interview that he did with John Reese. Now not everyone thinks of himself or herself as an internet marketer but if you have a business you’ll want to listen to this interview. I’m about 15 minutes into it and decided that I wanted to get the link out to you – with Frank’s permission of course.

But, before I do let me review a couple of really important marketing basics that I have been using to really help to grow my various businesses. These are distilled from some earlier blog posts by me, and from some John Reese, Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy, and Frank Kern reading that I have been doing lately.

They may, at first sound obvious. But again, I found that I wasn’t always doing these things and when I do they work.

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use Google, ClickBank, and other research tools to discover what products are already selling and what copy is working with your demographic. Be respectful of others copyrighted work but use your research tools. On that point, remember to review my blog on the ultimate research tool.

2. When you are building a business or selecting a product try to identify a hungry market, that knows it has a problem and is actively searching for answers. It’s especially good if that audience has the financial resources to buy your product or service. How do you find them? See above.

If your product or service doesn’t hit three or four of these you’re going to have a longer selling cycle and spend money trying to educate people about a problem that they might not recognize and might not even have the money to solve. Does that sound profitable or fun?

3. It is always easier to sell to your existing customers so stay in touch and have them tell you what is keeping them up at night. How do you elicit this? Try getting them to post to your blog. Don’t have a blog? Well…….

Those are just a few ideas. Now for a dense and useful interview from two smart cookies.

Frank Kern’s Interview


David M. Frees III Esq.

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