Tuesday , 23 July 2024


Opening the Door to Charitable Giving TM

Non-profits across the United States and throughout the world have long sought the advice of David Frees when they plan skills training programs. In Opening the Door to Charitable GivingTM David Frees helps non-profits to deploy the persuasive, charismatic and motivation communication skills for which he is known in the corporate world.

David Frees, the author of The Language of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships at All Ages and has developed this highly interactive program in a sixty to ninety minute keynote speech format, or in a two hour or three hour workshop. Many non-profits use this program to train their executive staff, volunteers and staff for improved results in capital campaigns, annual giving campaigns, or in helping to build the creativity of fund raising teams. If your non-profit conference or convention is looking for entertaining, substantive and powerful programs contact Success Technologies, Inc. today for information on Opening the Door to Charitable GivingTM.