Thursday , 18 January 2018

A Really Powerful Twitter Tool For Business

If you currently use twitter to communicate with customers, clients, or prospects you have got to see this. My son Josh just let me know about it and I’m not done testing but it is hugely powerful. I’ll keep you posted as I test but you might want to be ahead of the wave on this.

If you’re even thinking about using Twitter then go check this out.

The folks at have created a very powerful tool. I’m going to describe it in the video below and the url is below that.

Essentially, this allows you to create a tool and to automatically push pictures, video, documents, and even a telephone call or conference call through to all of your Twitter followers.

On the road and want to record a message – just call it and the link gets sent out so everyone can hear the call. Get the idea. If you’re not thinking of thirty ways that you can use this, then you’re not thinking hard enough yet.

To see a video and to get a demo go here:

There are a huge number of ways to use this. Please leave your comments below and keep me posted on how you implement and how you use it.

Thumbnail Credit: shawncampbell

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