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Steve Forbes, Editor and Chief Forbes Magazine — Has called Dave Frees “A Grand Master” of Communication Skills

If you are planning a meeting, seminar, workshop or retreat,hire this man!

Maureen Crumlish, Centocor

I would hire Dave Frees as a speaker, consultant or seminar presenter any time. He is very effective and a very funny man.

Michael Owsiany

David Frees' genius is in making communication natural, simple and enjoyable. I will use these skills in my personal and business life.

Gary Fling

David Frees makes radically improved communication skills seem automatic and easy to build. I enjoyed this program enormously and look forward to seeing and hearing him again.

Jody Fedick (re: The Language of Leadership)

The benefits of this program were phenomenal. The fact that it was entertaining was a bonus, but a very big bonus.

Joan Reese, Centocor

You win the award for the most feedback - and positive.

W. Hanovan, CMP

Excellent speech by Dave Frees... wonderful and helpful ending, fabulous take home message.

ILCA International Conference

Finally! Actual information I can put to use!

K. Thomason

I though it was hilarious and
insightful and taught some very
useful skills.

B. Richardson

This program was spectacular.

M. Muth

Your seminar rating really was a twenty - remember that is on a scale of 1-10.

M. Mongan

The whole program was excellent! The exercises certainly kept us alert. We would definitely use Mr. Frees again in the future

University Facilities Managers Association

Mischelle Weedman-Davis, Davis Law Group, Seattle WA

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dave Frees speak at three different conferences. Each time, he was the best speaker on a full and impressive roster. Not only is he extremely amusing, but he is also thought-provoking. Days, weeks and even months after hearing him, the ideas he imparts during his talks remain top of mind. Anyone looking to engage a top knotch speaker for an audience with high expectations could do no better than Dave Frees.

Brenda Hollingsworth Esquire

Several months ago I attended a marketing conference with my husband. It was a great conference filled with excellent information. As the day wore on I began to grow weary. Even with dynamic information weariness can take hold. Then came Dave Frees. One of the highlights of the conference. He was able to pull an entire room out of the "end of day" inertia. He was enchanting, engaging and entertaining. I didn't want him to stop. All the while providing priceless information to the group. At the end of the session everyone in the room wanted to be Dave's best friend

Yulee Schaffer

John Harris, Attorney, Fredericksburg VA

In baseball the mark of excellence is when a player is considered a five-tooler: Able to hit for average, power, speed, strong arm, steal bases. Well, Dave Frees is a "five tooler" speaker: strong content, delivery, humor, likeability, story telling. I was laughing and still able to take notes! Remarkable speaker

My communication techniques will help you everywhere, not just on the job.

Highest recommendation! A marketing genius! Dave's wealth of knowledge in effective marketing techniques is unsurpassed. He has worked with our wealth management business extensively, and our client base has grown ten-fold.

Ben Glass, Great Legal Marketing Inc, Fairfax VA

Perry Marshall Google Ad Words and Internet Guru on Dave Frees as a guest in his mastermind

Perry Marshall Google Ad Words and Internet Guru

John Bisner, Personal Injury Attorney, Newport Beach CA | |
I am sometimes blown away by what seems like a simple mental exercise. This is one of those times. I tried the questions on some "goals" and your mind goes to a different place and one that I think can really help achieve what you want. Only from David Frees can such brilliance emerge. Thanks David — From Persuading Yourself Can Be The Greatest Challenge - The Magic of Getting Out of Your Own Way, 2010/02/08 at 7:48 AM

Neal Goldstein, Esquire

Google adwords® Expert Perry Marshall on Dave Frees' Persuasion2Profit live programs and his Persuaison 2 Profit books, tapes, and home study program.