Tuesday , 31 January 2023

If You Are Wondering About the Last Post then Think About This…

Metacognition is the ability to know about yourself and how you learn and accomplish things.  The last post was addressing an issue of metacognition and how you become aware of your own process in your personal life – experiencing and improving relationships around the holidays while altering and enjoying your life.

But I know that no entreprenuer will leave life alone.  We have dreams for ourself and others and we have to get stuff done.  So what am I to do if Dave keeps publishing on metacognition?  Well, first keep reading.  There are very good reasons to learn the meaning of metacognition and how it can be applied to constructing a better life and a better business.

And, when you discover the ability to know yourself and how you learn and improve, and you combine this knowledge with the 80/20 rule, you can begin to get more done in less time, and make more money and create more change for the better than your previously thought possible.

Want another experiment that can really improve your life and your business?  This one is tough.  Seriously.  I’m not sure that you can handle this.  As the label to Arrogant Bastard Beer says – “You’re probably moving your lips as you read this.” If you are, be careful. This experiment can change you and it is not for the weak minded fool at all.  Tim Ferris describes his experiences with this experiment and how it worked for him at The Four Hour Work Week.

Essentially, the theory is that words and language and how we speak to ourselves and others help to create our reality.  When we complain and use negative expressions to ourselves and others, we create a series of electrochemical reactions within our bodies that release neuro transmitters associate with certain feelings, emotions and sensations.  Don’t think so?  Just think of a word that really ticks you off or outrages you – you lnow the one.  Notice any change in how you feel? Are you more or less resourceful and in control and aware now?

Also, when we use vague words that lack real meaning, such as “happiness” or “success” or “fun”, we get very little in the way of true deep experience.  As Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” I mean what are you really feeling?  Happy or awesome  delight or exstatic?  Are they the same as happiness?  Do those words create the same experience for you?

But, we have to become aware of how and when we complain or how and when we are using language in a vague and whimpy way before we can change and discover a happier and more robust life experience and before we can really do anything about it.  That is, we have to be conscious before we can change the behavior.  So how do you do that?

Will Bowen, a minister from Kansas created a program called Complaint Free World.  He wrote a book and put together a kit including a purple braclet so that each time you found yourself complaining, you have to move the braclet to the other arm.  The point is to try to go thirty (or in his program 21 days) days without having to move the braclet.  Try it – you can get his kit or use a purple (or green or red) rubber band or your live strong braclet or whatever.  It’s hard – really hard.  But the hard work pays off.

When you complain less, and choose words to describe your life, feelings and emotions that are clear and full and rich, your thoughts do change.  Words creat sensations within us.  And when we complain less there is very good evidence that we become more effective and enjoy life more fully.  We creat a new electro chemical reality within our brains and our bodies that serves us.

Try it.  Decide what you want to change and why.  The become aware of what you are doing and how you can change it.  Do this for your business and your personal life.

David M. Frees III

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