Tuesday , 31 January 2023

Seth Godin Speaks About His New Book "Tribes"

Seth Godin’s new book Tribes examines the new direction of successful marketing. Seth’s theory is that the internet has facilitated the formation of new types of tribes, associations, social groups and there is a shortage of trusted leaders. This allows us as experts to build a community that we can really benefit and for whom we can build real value and who in exchange trust us.

Learn more about how to use this ancient and yet new tribal formation to build your own tribe.

Godin’s powerful and funny speech on this topic is posted on John Wall’s Marketing Over Coffeepodcast. Check it out, but it’s long. Give yourself a little while to listen and keep asking yourself: How do I use this to help others and myself? Notice the difference between a crowd and a tribe.

It is more difficult to form a tribe than to draw a crowd, but it is way more powerful. Less expensive to build and grows organically. See The Grateful Dead (pre-internet), Barack Obama (new paradigm) and others who understand this paradigm.

Enjoy and be well.

Dave Frees

Photo Credit: The Dilly Lama

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