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Make Like a Criminal and Steal These Ideas For Your Business

Does your life sometimes feel out of control? Are you ever just crazy busy everyday? Have you missed one or more important events with your kids, friends, family members, or loved ones? Is there a boss, client or someone at work making your life miserable? And now are the people in your personal life – the ones that really love ... Read More »

Using The 80/20 Rule To Enhance Your Business and Your Life

“The 80/20 Principle is the cornerstone of results based living.” Tim Ferris – Life Style Design Expert and Author of The Four Hour Work Week I just got back from the 3 Days to Success Mastermind Program that I hosted in Las Vegas and I want to thank the brilliant group of lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and business men and women, ... Read More »

7 Things You Must Do To Create A Richer and Calmer Business and Life

1. You must learn how to regularly apply Pareto’s Principal (The 80/20 Rule) in your business and personal life. Use the leverage of getting 80% of the profits and results, 80% of the fun and pleasure and happiness from 20% of the work and effort. 2. You must develop and implement systems to automate as much as possible so that ... Read More »

5 Resources To Boost Your Marketing

Interested in a business mastermind and discovering new ideas, tools, and strategies for marketing, and managing a business with less stress and chaos? Here are five resources related to marketing Read More »

How $12.00 and A Subscription To Cosmo Help Make Me Real Money

Now, I know what you’re thinking… and, I don’t blame you for thinking that I’ve gone off my rocker. I mean, I’m a professional. I advise very conservative businesses, wealthy and often elderly clients, and smart and very savvy business owners.  And I am paid very handsomely (to be read highly) to do it because I consistently deliver value, solve ... Read More »