Monday , 2 October 2023

What “Manifestation of Desire” Can Teach Business Owners And Entrepreneurs About Marketing & Product/Service Creation

deepakMIND HACK – Why business owners and entrepreneurs should care and think about
Deepak Chopra and the “magic” and principles of manifestation and “the spontaneous fulfillment of desire.”

Sound too woo woo or spiritual or mysterious to have business application?

Let’s think about this for a second.

As business owners, professionals, entrprenuers, and marketers, what tools do we use to achieve our
goals and intended results? To manifest our desires for ourselves and for others? MARKETING.

That’s right. Marketing and managing our businesses and creating new products and
services so valued by our buyers that they happily pay us for them is our alchemy, our way of taking
a thought or desire and brining it into reality.

So, when this video cropped up in my email and I watched it with the specific thought and intention of
seeing how this might have application to ethically growing a business and to marketing.

And when you ask the right questions, you often get the right answers.

So here’s the video and then a few comments and observations about what it might mean to our businesses,
practices, marketing and management. Bye the way…ignore his crazy glasses!

First, were you able to ignore the glasses or did you notice them right away?

So let’s take a look at a few of these and how we might think about them in the context of
business and marketing.

#1 See the universe as an extension of yourself.

So what happens when we do this?

Well, we begin to realize that we can have an impact on
the world around us. This was part of the world view of Gnostic Christianity as well.
When we adopt this belief, then what we do not only matters to us but to those around us
and we are capable of knowing and understanding parts of the world (like our customers) better
when we think of the external universe as an extension of ourselves or if you prefer, that we are part of
a more unified whole.

In this world view, we’re more likely to produce products and services that advance others
in a healthy way than products that create negative behaviors (I’m not saying fritos corn
chips – which I eat from time to time but you get the idea). Instead we might create
a product or servie that promotes well being of our clients and customers.

#2 Evolve through relationship.

Simple. Notice that we are part of many groups, relationships, and are not alone or apart
from the market we are trying to influence. When we focus on relationships with our employees,
partners, vendors, and clients and customers we catapult our results.

#3 Intention has infinite organizing power.

This one lept out at me. It’s the big kahuna here. Once we realize that developing a clear
intention for our business, our lives, and for our clients, customers, patients and
others in our lives we develop real power.

We can begin to be strategic in our product development and marketing and we can test. Is this
activity, marketing campaign or other action brining us closer to what we want and
intend or is it moving us away.

If, for example, you had a clear intent to build a business or practice that allows you
to be with your children each evening for dinner and you’re starting to miss family time
three days a week, you’re not acting in a way consistent with your intention.

But just the act of clarifying and revisiting intention has the effect of making adjustments easier.

It is infinite in it’s capacity to organize your thoughts and actions. Clarity is essential!

#4 Free yourself from emotional turbulence.

This one is also big. How much time and energy do we waste in this state of
emotional tumult?

Easier said then done?

Maybe. But there are quite a few easy ways to begin to do this. For specifics. see
this blog on the Four Fold Breath and my book, The Language of Parenting on why
this is so important and how to do it.

Want to learn more about turning stress into calm and success? If you ever do
then join us for a great event and learn more at 3 Days To Success .

Bottom line, creating a more peacful and less stressed and turbulent you gives you way more resources and
power to achieve what you really want. It works and is worth the effort.

#5 Harness the masculine and feminine in yourself.

This may sound weird to the macho and obvious to the more intuitive female reader but we all need to do
this more. Unless your a woman selling only to women or a man selling only to
men, your marketing and products need to be based upon the needs of both the masculine and feminine
sensibilities of your clients and customers.

And even then, clients and buyers run across a spectrum of masculine and feminine needs in
what they are looking for in any given product or service.

By becoming a more complete you and cultivating both aspects of yourself you will be more
attuned to all aspects of your market and therefore better to reach and to serve it profitably.

#6 Notice coincidence and synchronicity and never ignore coincidence.

How many times have you notice something over and over agin but ignored it to your peril?
Have you ever been reminded to do that new project and met just the right person and
not acted only to lose the momentum or the opportunity.

Ever heard the old adage: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? Ever ignored
it? How’d that work out?

Notice when the universe serves you up the perfect solution, idea, action, resource
or opportunity. It alerts us with coincidence. Don’t ignore it.

#7 Stay grounded in yourself.

I interpret this in a number of ways. Know who you are and don’t stray from your
positive and resourceful beliefs. Don’t betray your beliefs for profit.

Work with people you know, like, and trust. Build partners, teams, hire vendors and employees
and attract clients that fit this description.

How much better is your business and life when you do this?

How much better would it become if you start focusing on this right now.

So Deepak and the “manifestation of Desire” might have a place in creating and
marketing our products and services. They might have lessons for us in creating a business and
life we love and enjoy. And they might help us to create clear intentions to guide us –
even when the going gets tough or when profit pours in.

Stay happy and be well.

Dave Frees