Monday , 17 June 2024

4 Secrets To Getting More Profit and Free Time From Your Marketing

Make Your Marketing Resources More Effective

Marketing Dollars Can Be Wasted and Lost OR
Can Transform Your Business or Professional Practice
From Modest and Chaotic To Robust and Stress Free

That’s Right – The Right Marketing Practices Can Create Economic
Freedom And A Great New Way of Doing Business

The Choice is Yours.

So What makes the difference and how can you begin –
right now– to spend your limited time, money and energy
on marketing that really works to create change and to give
you the economic freedom and the lifestyle you want?

Well, there are four factors – and while they aren’t really
secrets you might think that they are as so few people seems
to know or use them – that have this truly transformative power
to boost profits.

And, while they seem so obvious when you read them
you might be surprised to find that you’re not really doing
any of them well (or at all).

But, never fear.

The fewer of these secrets you’re now using,
the faster and better they will work to start delivering the profits
and results you’re looking for.

Marketing Secret #1: Marketing Should Be A Process Not An Event

And the corollary to this one is that: marketing systems mean
that you get more done, more consistently with less direct involvement
and therefore better ROI and more free time for yourself.

Before you say “I already do this” and move on….do you really?
Are you consistently putting out letters, newsletters, videos, post cards,
reports, media appearances, podcasts, or any combination on a regular basis?

If yes. Become more regular and add one or two more. If no, get started as
set forth below.

So everyone knows that sporadic marketing doesn’t work as
well as consisten and regular marketing that gets you in front
of the client/customer/prospect more often and keeps you top of
mind. But how do you break the habit of doing single bursts
of marketing every so often and being more consistent and strategic?

It’s like this.

You do some advertising or marketing (becasue some
sales rep for a newspaper, magazine or the yellow pages) comes to you
AND you need more business.

If the ad works at all, you gt busy with the work and stop the marketing
and advertising that worked (however modestly). You stay busy until
the leads from that ad dry up and then start thinking that you need to market again.

This creates a constant mini boom and mini bust cycle that keeps you
too busy and too stressed to do real marketing.

Here’s the solution: Once you know exactly tyhr type of client/customer/work you
want, create a martketing calendar with some new approach each month or week,
and stay on schedule and budget.

Activities might include posting an offer, blog or video
each week, preparing and publishing a report with an offer for distribuition
each month or quarter.

Doing an news release, or media appearance several times a year.

Creating and publishing a web version and hard copy of
a checklist that would be useful to your clients or customers.

It might even include radio, tv, or web based advertising but make sure to
track the results so you KNOW what’s working.

The key is to get them all down on a calendar, assign them to yourself
or a marketing assistant, professional marketer or copy writer, or intern, and
then start executing on a regular basis. Results generally improve

And that brings us to …

Marketing Secret #2 Test and Verify what’s actually Working

Afgain, the corollary to that is do more of what works and stop spending
money on what’s not working.

So how is this accomplished? How do you test each marketing tool and/or ad?

There are a variety of ways.


Make sure that each ad points the prospect or customer/client to
a separate landing page, phone number, or that at the very least you use
different offer codes for each ad.

In this way, you can keep track of which ads get results.

Yellow pages? Use a teacking number (you might get them to give
it to you for free to prove that the ad works – or doesn’t).

Direct Mail?

Use the same apporach. Try different mailing lists, try different envelopes
headlines, offers, bullets and other factors but change them one or two at a
time so you know which are really working.


Same process. If you’re going to use blogs, reports, videos, podcasts,
checklists or other materials to drive traffic to offers, then be sure to have a
promo code, different phone number, or a designated landing page to
track which ones work.

Once you have a winner, do more like that.

That’s right. Once you have a letter or post card or other direct mail piece,
keep sending it as the control but strart to test other versions to see if you
can beat the control.

Marketing Secret #3 Do Lead Creation Not Just Advertising in Your Marketing

If you’re advertising your product or service and going right for the sale, you
might be asking too much of the ad.

And, the ad will only appeal to a prospect who is hot and ready to buy at that given moment,

For the vast majority of people who MIGHT be interested at some point, the ad will have no appeal.
But, if you create ads and marketing tools and materials that offer something of intertests and
that engages the propsect, without demanding that they buy right now, you
will 1) attract and get responses from a greater number of the prospects, and 2) will
have an opportunity to stay connect, communicated to them, and to develop
a relationship of trust so that when they are ready to buy, you are the most rational choice
and they won’t be shopping price.

How is this done?

By offering a report, access to video, results of a quiz or survey, or
some other tool or information that will be appealing and engaging to the best
prospects and which will encourage them to give you a name, email address
and possibly a phone number and/or mailing addreeess.

Tehn stay in touch and provide real value, in advance of their buying decision.

Marketing Secret #4 Create Systems To Leverage Your Marketing Resources

If you’ve already got a thriving business or practice, but you’re mired in the day to day
work required to effectively market, then this may be the one that matters to you more
than all the others.

Basically, you need to create systems that automatically take the best
marketing and advertising and make it better and more effective.

For example, when I wite blogs, they are often sorted by one of my marketing interns,
editeed by topics and themes, and combined to create reports.

In the reverse, if I am interviewed my interviews are recordded, transcribed
and edited by my intern and are then turned into reports, a series of blogs,
articles, and in some cases, the content is put into a power point,
I narrate over it and the video report is then uploaded to youtube.

What matters is that content created for one purpose is reused and
distributed in many other ways.

This creates much better SEO for the web sites and grabs the attention
of many more prospects. How and why?

Some clients like listening to the raw interview as a pod cast. Others read the blogs, and
yet other people find me on youtube.

Do great content once and then hit the easy button for other people on your
staff or as contractors to create more content over and over again.

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