Monday , 2 October 2023

7 Things You Must Do To Create A Richer and Calmer Business and Life

1. You must learn how to regularly apply Pareto’s Principal (The 80/20 Rule) in your business and personal life. Use the leverage of getting 80% of the profits and results, 80% of the fun and pleasure and happiness from 20% of the work and effort.

2. You must develop and implement systems to automate as much as possible so that your time is freed up and you are less dependent on a particular person or employee. Your business will become less dependent on your personal presence and expenditure of time.

3. You must identify your most profitable client or customer that you most enjoy working with, who sends the most clients and customers to you. Target your marketing to bring in more of these highly profitable clients/customers with less effort.

4. You must deliver value (through marketing) to each new and old client and customer so that they buy more products or services more often without additional marketing and time expenditures. This will require you to truly know your clients’ fears and aspirations.

5. You must radically improve your communication and persuasion skills, which will automatically make you a better salesperson and marketer, business manager, father or mother, husband, wife or partner, a better negotiator, and better at just about everything that you do.

6. You must learn to be constantly changing and improving your business, marketing, and personal life both incrementally and exponentially by associating (often through a mastermind group) with other successful people who will help you to do it effortlessly.

7. You must become an expert at implementing strategies, litmus tests, ideas, marketing, systems, programs, and developing products and services for a crowd hungry for them, so that the sales and marketing functions are almost unnecessary.

Ok… remember I said that many gurus, speakers, and consultants tell you what to do but not how to do it?

The mastermind program that I have designed for 3DaysToSuccess shows you not only what to do, but also how to do it.

I’ll be teaching along with other guest presenters like Dr. Weiman – a business psychologist and past marketing director for a major national publisher – and Ms. X, a Microsoft employee turned entrepreneur (coming to us remotely from another conference) will work with you and with me to talk us through the specifics of how to get these done.

The truth is that you can take this list and figure out how to do each of those things.  There are no secrets here.  And, I have provided loads of free information at

But part of the way in which I have made so many changes and improvements in my business and life is that I have learned to leverage other people’s knowledge.  I don’t have to learn everything the hard way.  And there’s no guilt because in the mastermind I am able to give those same people new ideas from my business that they have never used before.

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Have a great week.

Dave Frees

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Kudos to Rick Frishman for reminding me of a great formula that helped me to write this article.

Photo Credit: JennyHuang