Wednesday , 29 May 2024

You Get What You Look For! Why That's True And What To Do About It

Have you ever noticed when you got exactly what you expected to get?

Has there ever been a time when you thought about or feared a certain result from your efforts, only to be rewarded with the exact amount of failure that you were expecting or predicting?

Ever had a great idea only to think “That’ll never work,” and it doesn’t?

Well, there is a good physical and psychological reason for these experiences and surprisingly, once you understand what is happening, you will have discovered a valuable tool to improve your experiences in business and in life.

What is the source of your amazing psychic ability to accurately predict your own limitations?

The mysterious source of this ability is the Reticular Activating System or RAS.

Since your sensory organs are sending your brain way too much data for you to have conscious awareness at all times, your RAS regulates what enters your awareness. It is especially sensitive to what it perceives as danger.

But, since your brain is getting so much data at any given moment, you can ignore much more data than you actually consciously notice. Have you ever had the experience of buying something that you thought was really new, unique or rare, only to see it everywhere the next day? The thing was really everywhere before you bought it. But, when you purchased it, your RAS was programmed to notice this thing that is clearly important to you. And, as a result, you now see it everywhere.

Want another experiment?

Look around the room where you are currently sitting and notice everything that is red. Just look for red. Note everything red. Now focus on the screen and tell me everything that is…


Hard to remember without looking?

So what do you do with this knowledge?

Well, if you can program the RAS by telling it what is interesting and important to you, rather than what you fear then it is possible that you’ll begin to notice the signs and signals of improvement and progress.

How can you begin to program this part of your brain to notice what you want and how to get it rather than the signs of failure?

The specifics are different for each of us. It is worth making a brief list by asking “How can I call attention to what I really want and how to get it?” It is useful to read or review this list prior to sleep and/or upon waking. What do other people do that they find effective?

Dream pages – drawings, photos, clippings, and writings about things that they want to do and achieve.

Goal lists – which are regularly reviewed and acted upon.

Meditation on goals, desires, and purposes.

The list is long, but now you have a new reason to feel confident in why they work rather than being skeptical. Of course, that choice is your and one way or another you’ll probably get what you are looking for.

But if all goes well, you may find that you’re beginning to notice new aspects of your own environment. You may begin to notice opportunities that were previously overlooked. If you do, you might begin to seize the opportunities that you just never saw before. And, if you’re very lucky, your beliefs about what is possible may begin to change and even more changes become possible if not essential and unavoidable.

Thanks RAS!

Enjoy and be well.

Dave Frees

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