Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Profit Through Value – How Do You Tanslate Your Value To The Client or Customer?

The key to getting, keeping, and continually satisfying customers and to giving them real value, is understanding what they really want, what they really need, what they really fear, and how they express these things in their own terms and with their own language. DO not assume that you know and do not assume that you know the language that persuades them. Let them tell you.

There are many ways to do this such as surveys, well trained customer service, and various feedback mechanisms. But, for my money none really beat the good old fashioned conversation.

To get real leverage, narrow down your best clients. Of your best clients, identify who buys the most AND makes the most referrals. All other things being equal, you want more clients who buy the higher profit margin products, work well with your system, find your products or services valuable AND who tells others about you.

Now find a reason, from their perspective, to get some face time, or to have a conversation. Say thanks to them for taking time with you and consider giving them a gift such as a checklist, book, CD interview that you’ve done, or something of real perceived value.

Find out the words that they use to describe their most profound fears and concerns as well as they things that really give value. Make sure that you really understand their buying decision from their perspective as well as the issues in their personal lives that also affect buying. You might be surprised by these.

When you can make others feel like you truly understand them, they will assume that you have the solutions to their problems (make sure that you do) and they will want to do more and more business with you. This knowledge allows you to translate your value into their most persuasive language – their own.

In this brief video Dave explains a little more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: alancleaver_2000