Sunday , 14 April 2024

Questions That Lead To Improvement – In Anything and With Everyone

Robin-and-DMF-on-te-BeachWhether you want to make progress or a major break through – for yourself or to help someone else, in business or your personal life, there is no better and more effective tool than the magic of transformational questions.

And the two ultimate coaching/transformational questions are obvious
but underutilized and often ignored. And without learning to use both you are destine to slow improvement and or failure. So whether you’re a parent hoping to coach and help a child, a coach, or you own a business or manage a team you need to know…

What are they? & How do I use them?

See, you’re getting curious already…..

1) “What do you/I want?” and (and this is essential)
2) “How will you/I know when we’ve got it?”


You’d be amazed how often we haven’t asked ourselves (or another) this question. We have a vague sense that we want something more but a vague sense is hard to work with and doesn’t yield results. And, to make matters worse, we have a strong human impulse to stay where we are and avoid change even as we tell ourselves we want it. FOR MORE ON THIS LISTEN TO MY EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY RIFF ON WHY HUMANS DON”T WANT TO CHANGE.

So when you ask yourself or some else this question, notice two things. The answers are often vague AND you/they often answer with what you DON’T want.

So don’t just ask…..ask then follow up for specifics.


HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’VE GOT IT? Click here for more on the second magic question to create change and improvement in anything.