Wednesday , 29 May 2024

The Art of Negotiation – In Action

The Skills of Negotiation and Persuasion

And Being a great negotiator is a very powerful skill.

In this exciting clip from The Fifth Element, there are
actually two forms of negotiation portrayed by Bruce Willis.

The first uses a covert skill of persuasion.

Notice that the negotiator – Bruce Willis – benefits from
advanced research and knowledge.

The second is a more forceful and dramatic approach…

It’s good to be versatile.

So here are a few more important strategies, resources and tactics.

Resources and Tactics:

Read the book: Getting Past No by Ury

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Use a checklist. Here’s one you can use until you develop your own.


Being a better communicator and understanding human communication,
decision making and the biology of these tools makes you better at everything –
including negotiation.

Here are two resources for that:

Follow this blog and review the persuasion and influence articles.


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If you’ve thought about any one or more of these questions, then you probably know that
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