Monday , 17 June 2024

You're Now More Persuasive Than Ever Because You Read This Blog

Are you one of the many readers who enjoy the strategies of communication and persuasion, but who really lives for the little tactical skills that really work?

The inner game of communications and persuasion makes all of the tactical skills, tricks (like your Mom used to get you to do things), and tools all the more effective. Yet the inner game requires us to practice, study, and improve (all of which I encourage). But there are a few little tools that are easy to use and that work at the biological level so well that they seem like magic. And the word “because” is one of them.

Remember, never overuse a technique (or it becomes less effective). And, when you cultivate flexibility, congruency, and become outcome based in your communications skills, you boost the effectiveness of all tactics – even this winner.

I love to discover the linguistic tools that make communication so much more fluid, effective and elegant. And the word “because” is one of those persuasive and magical words.

You can become even more effective because you’re reading articles like this one.

Because is magical because we like reasons to do things, learn things, and to feel secure that we are acting with a reason.

Dr. Robert Cialdini has written about this magical word and many studies have confirmed that as humans, we are much more likely to comply with a request if we have been given a reason. The reason doesn’t even have to make logical sense. For example, in one study people allowed another to jump in line at a copier when they were asked “can I go ahead because I have to make copies.”

Some other examples:

“You can relax about your test because you’re going to study tonight.”

“You can focus on the increased profits because our system takes care of the other details.”

“You can forget about price as a barrier because we have created a product that is inexpensive and…”

So remember when you are asking for something to:

1. Be clear about what you want.
2. Check to see if the other person really understands you.
3. Be congruent and confident when you ask, and
4. Give the person you’re asking a reason to do it.

Tell them that you need it… because.

Dave Frees

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