Monday , 2 October 2023

The Trick? Making Things Better With Just Your Voice

This could be entitled “How a Simple Question Makes You Healthier, Happier, and Better Looking” but that sounds suspiciously fluffy. And, these questions really do work to bring about internal changes in those around us.

But, if you are faced with friends, family, loved ones, business partners, employees or team members that are failing themselves and you, then you might be interested in this one. Interested in how to transform complaints into positive action? Interested in how to motivate and get action from those around you? Want to be able to empower and facilitate the growth and positive changes in the people that matter? Want to get complainers to get along?

Here’s another in the series of persuasion techniques that just always work. Simple communications and persuasion skills that get maximum results. These techniques, and those in many of the upcoming posts are the tools used by interrogators, negotiators, the best sales people, politicians, trial lawyers and other persuasion masters. And, in these economic times your business and personal success and health require the best that you can do and the most effective and powerful tools.

In this case, let’s consider a chronic complainer. Can you think of anyone that overreacts, constantly complains, finds fault with you or others? Would you like that to change? The video explains a method of triggering a useful series of changes in perspective.

First, when you use the question it makes the person realize that they are smart. That they have learned to automatically employ a complex system to get a result (albeit a negative one). They are so good at this that they often or always do it unconsciously. But, implicit in this ideas is that they are resourceful beyond what they imagined. And, also implicit is that if they learned this behavior and it is no longer optimal, they can unlearn it. Finally, these questions can lead to the conclusion that there may be reasons for the behavior of others that should be respected.

Improved behavior, more resourcefulness and more. Just from a question of two.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Can you think of something that you often complain about yourself? A behavior that seems to happen automatically, and/or one that is triggered by another person? What is the reaction that you have?

How do you do that?

And, can you think of any reason that more choices in behavior might be better than the automatic one? If another person bothers you can you think of a reason that they might be behaving that way that is unrelated to bothering you? Can you think of a positive reason that they might be doing it?

I’m just asking. Have fun.

Dave Frees

Thumbnail Credit: Gustty