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Do Tom Petty’s Lyrics Hold The Key To Your Business and Professional Success? Yup.

But here’s why…. and what to do about it…..

” Every now and then I’m down to the end
of the day
And I have to stop and ask myself why I’ve done it.
It just seems so useless to have to work so hard
And nothing ever really seems to come
from it.

Tom Petty  from Here Comes My Girl

Tom Petty Album

Whether or not you’re a Tom Petty fan, there’s a very good
reason to pay attention to these lyrics.

And, it’s not just Petty.  If you listen to most hit songs, you’ll
notice that they have a catchy sound and/or the lyrics hit on
universal human experience expressed in the language of the
band or artists’s demographic.

But look at the quote.

He’s expressing a universal experience…hard work without
getting the results that we expected or thought that we deserved.

He captures that frustration and ennui.

And he’s rewarded with a hit song…because he is speaking to
a universal experience or emotion.

These are the drivers of all human and
buying behavior.

If we want to help our customers, clients, or patients, then
one of the best ways is to find ways to relieve their pain,
fears, and consternation.

To make them feel better.

And while each generation and every demographic expresses
these emotions in their own way (and you should be learning that)
they are powerful shared experiences.

So what to do with what we’ve learned?

Begin by identifying universal pains, fears
and discomforts.

Actually list them.

Create a written list that you can refer back to
whenever you’re writing blogs, reports, ads, sales copy,
scripts, or other content designed to magnetically attract more
clients, customers or patients who want to spend money with
you and to buy what you have because they already value it.

Some are better drivers of action for one market than another.

So note which ones are recurring themes for your buyers.

Then notice how they express them.

They probably don’t use the secret lingo and expert
vocabulary of your business or profession.

I actually keep a list of phrases used by clients and buyers
of each product and each type of professional service.

And if you want way better results you should to.

It will save you massive amounts of time AND will make
all your marketing more effective and efficient.  You’ll be able
to do more with less.

With these two lists you’ll have a true marketing

Want a specific example?

I help my partner in one of our practice areas to
market his great elder law practice. And our process is
very successful.

So what is it and how does Tom Petty inform it?

You see, what I know is that most clients don’t think in terms
of “elder law.”  And they never search for or think about Medicaid
protective trusts.

They do say things (and secretly think things when a spouse gets ill)
like “Will I have enough money if my spouse needs nursing home care?”
and “I want to leave something for my kids but I don’t want to run
our of money for my care.”

So I have a list of fears AND a list of how they express them.

And, I’ve created this list for married prospects and clients
(who worry about themselves and their spouse as well as
the kids) and for widows/widowers and single people who have
different concerns and emphasis.


“I’ve worked hard my whole life.  I don’t want it all to go
to a nursing home.”

Many of these thoughts are also accompanied by guilt or fear.

So we have to motivate them by identifying their concerns
and fears, talking about them in their own language and showing
them how to eliminate them and to FEEL BETTER.

In fact, we do our clients, customers and patients a disservice
when we ignore these fundamental drivers of human behavior and
buying decisions.

If we are ethical and careful about finding out what they want and need
and if we are convinced that we have an effective solution (and allow
them to evaluate the risks and rewards) then we have an obligation to
do our best to present them in a way that they understand and will
buy what’s best for them.

So Tom Petty had it right.

He identified a universal pain – that we all work harder than we
thought would be necessary, and often with results that fell
short of what we expected and thought that we deserved.

Think about it.

Aren’t you working too hard in your professional practice or business?

And didn’t you think that you’d be futher ahead than you are?

Do you have enough time with your kids, family, spouse or partner?

Do you get frustrated at having to discount fees or prices?

Too many of the wrong types of clients and or cistomers?

I know you’re not a complainer but can you imagine and have you
imagined a better business and professional life?

Well, follow Tom Petty’s lead.

And if you’d like help with that…if you’re ready to learn the secrets of
how the truley successful and high producers, market, sell, and manage
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Enjoy and Here’s to Your Success!

Dave Frees

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Dave Frees on Proven and Field Tested Business Force Multipliers

Dave Frees on Proven and Field Tested Business Force Multipliers