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3 Days To Success – How To Use This Seminar and The Ideas, Systems and SWIPE Files

3-days-Group-shot-2012How to Use this Event and the Ideas, Information, Systems, Skills,
Strategies, Tactics, Breakthrough Exercises and SWIPE Files

To clarify, Achieve and Exceed Your Business and Personal Goals –
Faster than You Thought Possible

RULE #1 Think of this event and the information materials, SWIPE files
and exercises as a grand buffet.

There are many delicious items but don’t try to eat everything all at once.
It’ll just make you feel bad that you feel too tired to get done most important

Most people need one or only two of these technique strategies exercises
or swipe files to reinvent themselves, re-create a better more profitable
business or even to do both.

So pick one or two of the following. There’s always more and once you’re
done with the first course you can come back.

Here are just a few of the buffet offerings you’ll see and hear at

• 80/20 your marketing, your business, and your life – You’ll be
introduced to a series of experiments, exercises, and specific techniques for
using Pareto’s Principle or the 80/20 rule to mathematically and powerfully
improve profitability, marketing, and many other areas of your life.

This is not what you think it is and accounted for a radical improvement
in my practice profits in less than one year.

• “Gameify” your business – In this section of the materials and
seminar you will learn how to use the concepts, elements, and dynamics
of gamification in recruiting, training, and managing employees and in
marketing and retaining customers and clients. Discover a massive
benefit in engaging prospects and others in a stress free and fun

• Rapid Profit Systems – This section of the program includes
direct marketing business models and formulas designed to radically
improve profitability and to help you to design information marketing
tools to sell for profit or to promote your products and services faster
than you ever thought possible and if you want you’ll be able to add
a six figure information product to the mix or use it to boost the
profits of your core business.

You’ll also get my multimillion dollar copy writing check list and
SWIPE file system.

• The Genius FX Solution – This strategic tool will allow you
to almost instantaneously boost creativity in your marketing, your
product and service creation, your management systems in many
area of your of areas of your business/practice and life.

• Rapid implementation – Learn the systems and specific
techniques used by productivity experts including Tim Ferris
and Charlie Munger in many different fields to boost their productivity
and profitability while calming the chaos and turning stress into success.

The specific techniques have been proven to work over and over again
in profession to profession and from business and industry to business
and industry.

So once you’ve committed to a goal and one or two of these tools
then implement to completion and then and only then circle back
for more. Don’t eat the whole buffet at once or, like I said, you’ll
just feel bad and get fat.

Rule #2 Be skeptical but friendly and cooperative.

Look this is a group event and it’s filled with other people who are smart,
savvy , and successful lawyers, doctors, therapists, CEO coaches, CEO’s
and professionals as well as business owners who’ve already made money
with great and diverse experience.

Better yet. There they are to share both their successes and their failures
and how they boosted their successes and overcame their failures.
They are there to help you with your own problems and to improve upon
your existing business model.

They help you a lot more when they have a sense that you are in rapport
and a team player.

But don’t assume that just because I say something is true that it is.
I may even site loads of science and evidence.

Make sure that it’s true for you. And make sure that it’s something
you’ll do.

It’s very powerful to know what you will and will jot do! It save time
and money and gets you better results. So be skeptical.

Everything you are going to learn has been proven to work…
in many or most situations and for many, or most, professional
practices and businesses.

With these tools, and knowledge, you’ll radically increase the
odds of your success and limit the downside risks of failure
but always be skeptical yet with an open mind.

And be sure to test and make sure that it works for you in
your market. If it doesn’t just move on to one of the many
other tools techniques strategies tactics and swipe files that
we’ve prepared and that you’ll receive as a participant at

RULE #3 Don’t use skepticism as an excuse for inaction.

This entire seminar and mastermind, in fact, this entire process
is designed to literally install information and new tools to radically
improve your results, your profits, and your lifestyle.

It’s designed to increase the upside potential and to reduce your
risk of failure in any endeavor. It’s filled with strategies, swipe files,
skills and tactics to achieve these results.

But you have to take action and you have to test. So we work
on both!

Act, test, and find out what works specifically for you.

And that means that you keep an open mind don’t let your
skepticism be a crutch or justification for inaction.

How many times in the past and have you failed to take action because
something didn’t seem believable or seem too good to be true or just
seemed too hard? Rather than test you just failed to act at all.

How’d that work out for you?

Are you richer, happier, less stressed from failing to act?

Don’t let that happen here. Remain skeptical but remain open
and ready for action.

Rule #4. You can skip the science.

Everything that you learn about in this program has been carefully
studied and in many cases has been subjected to extensive and even
long term scientific analysis.

I include the science but understanding the science is not really
necessary for success. In fact, for some people it just slows the
success down.

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist or an engineer to understand
and use the things you learn this program.

NOTE: But we do from time to time have neuroscientists, physicists,
and rocket scientists there.

For geeks, engineers and the very overly curious I often give resources
and background information to further explore so that you can
understand how the strategy, skill, tactic, system or particular breakthrough
exercise actually works. But skip that stuff if you want.

You’ll get the results you want with or without it.


Let me just ask you how many times you’ve successfully used
electricity in your home without understanding exactly how
a nuclear power plant produces it?

You get the point. You can skip the science.

RULE #5 Enjoy the people process and then the results and rewards.

As entrepreneurs it’s hard to find people that understand the issues
that we face. The stress that we place ourselves under and the risks and
rewards that we take and that we hope for and expect. At this event the
room will be full of them.

Better yet is good before right successful and savvy people who’ve already
been successful in Norway willing to share not only their successes
but their failures and how they learn from both.

They’re willing to share this with you and help you to radically improve
not only your business but your life.

So enjoy the networking. Enjoy meeting new people. Enjoy the breakfasts,
lunches, snacks, and break time that we provide.

Enjoy the exercises that will reveal a lot about you and the others in
the room. Enjoy building us new set of skills and discovering powerful
information that will inevitably lead to improve profits and the life that
you’ve been looking for until now – or maybe even more.

Ready to join us on this quest to make every member’s business or practice
2x or more more profitable while calmisng the stress and chaos and
transforming your business into a success that serves rather than imprisons you?

If you’re already successful but not where you thought you’d be or deserve to be,
if you’re wroking too hard and need to restore balance to your life… then you’ve
come to the right place. To register call Lisa or Tammy ay 610-933-8069
and if you have questions before you come ask for a phone conference.

I like to make sure it’s a match too.

See you there.

Dave Frees
Creator and Co-Facilitator or www.3DaysToSuccess

P.S. Have you ever wanted the $1297.00 Persuasion 2 Profit System?

    You can have it for free

as a bonus for signing up for and
attending the event. Ask for Lisa or Tammy when you call.

P.P.S. Want to know the great line up of experts speaking
in the TED style format?

Dr. David Weiman – Multinational CEO
coach and marketing master.

Rem Jackson – Mind Set Guru and implementation

Dave Frees – Who Steve Forbes of Forbes Media
has called the Grand Master of communications skills
and master copywriter and persuasion and influence specialist.

And many more!