Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Miss The Show Lie To Me? Resources To Become a "Deception Expert" And To Become Automatically More Influential

Want To Be More Influential and Persuasive?
Then Become More Attuned To How and What Others
Think and Say and When and Where They Lie


How The Techniques of The Hit Show – Lie To Me
Can Make You A Better Communicator and Marketer

One of the hallmarks of the masters of influence and persuasion
is the ability to notice deception – in themselves and
others. Another is the mental acuity to notice the small
things that make a difference to groups and individuals.

Why do these skills matter and how do they relate?

Well, when you train yourself (consciously or intuitively) to
pay attention to attempts to deceive you, you are also practicing
the valuable skill of real and true awareness of
how others communicate and what they really want and need.

And, when you are able to get to the truth of what others
want, and commit to honestly assessing your own willingness
and ability to help them to get it, then your personal integrity,
influence and persuasive skills soar. You earn the respect AND trust
of others and when trust is recognized, present and deserved,
everything (relationships and business) works faster and more smoothly.

When you no longer accept what is said at face value, you really get
to the heart of what others truly want and need.

And, when you no longer deceive yourself about what you can and will do
to help another person, business, or group, then more trust and power are

When you can recognize a lie and self deception, you become much
more powerful and others know that you have a connection to them and
a desire to help that transcends the attention and ordinary way in
which they interact with others.

So, if you have always wanted to be a human lie detector or just a
little better at detecting attempts to deceive or, if you have always wanted
to get to the real wants and needs of friends, family members, customers, clients
and colleagues, then here are a few really great resources:

Books on Deception and Reading People:

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