Monday , 17 June 2024

Eben Pagan on Relaxation and Having Fun

I was recently speaking at a Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer event. Eben Pagan was also there as a speaker and I think that Eben is a brilliant synthesizer and teacher. I overheard him discussing the need for relaxation to be productive, but I didn’t have my Flip video on me. However, just tonight I found a YouTube video where someone else captured the brief discussion.

This three minute video is a great little review of that elusive/obvious idea that Tony Schwartz teaches in his books on performance. Eben reminds us that to be truly productive, we should design our lives and our work to be fun and we need to relax throughout the day. By creating a pattern of work and brief relaxation in a rolling pattern throughout the day we expand our ability to get things done and we become better and more effective at doing them.

One thing that he discusses but is missing from this short video after his presentation is the need to make these techniques habitual, and that the best way to do this is to start a morning ritual. By making the process of rolling or patterned moments of relaxation part of that ritual, it becomes habitual. You learn to do it automatically and without conscious thought. Try it and see. You’ll be better, healthier, and richer for the experiment.

Listen in and enjoy.

Dave Frees

Dave Frees on Relaxation Patterns and Productivity

Dave Frees on Relaxation Patterns and Productivity

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