Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Getting What You Want – Influence and Leverage With Number One – The Magic Of Language Patterns

Here’s another very powerful question (well two actually) filled with the linguistic tools of influence to help you get something that you have been wanting but haven’t yet achieved. Once you hear, see, and feel the magic at work I’m sure that you’ll start to use it with others.

But for now, give yourself a treat and get or achieve something that you have been wanting but haven’t yet done, achieved, or gotten.

First before you begin, take a moment. Breath deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.

Get a clear image of the thing or experience that you have desired. Relax. And ask yourself “What was standing in my way or interfering with this up until now?”

Then, as you let the answers flow through your mind, notice how those things already seem to be a thing of the past.

Now, ask yourself “What would I have to think, do, say, feel, or have – what would I have to do right now for the achievement of this to be inevitable?”

That’s right. What would you have to do for it to be inevitable that you’d get it, have it, experience the thing that your going to get?

Finally, even if it’s something small. Just as a start – actually do it. For example: Make a to do list. Diary an action on the calendar. Call someone who might help. Get directions. Do some research. Just do something that begins the process of inevitability thinking and the actions of inevitability.

Now relax a little more and take a nap.

Let me know what happens.

And, pay close attention to the process of these questions and the tense. Notice that so that you can start to trigger magnificent change not only in yourself but in others as well.

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Dave Frees

Photo Credit: Bohman