Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Medical Hypnosis Techniques Are Not Just For Therapists Any More…

I’ve been hearing from readers who are surprised that many of the linguistic techniques and the persuasive language patterns I teach work so well not just in their marketing, but also with spouses, friends, kids, and other loved ones.

A common quote: “Dave, I never thought that this would work, but I used it the moment I got home and we have had a real break-through.” Reports have included kids terrified of bikes suddenly learning to ride. Sleeping in their own beds. Office managers finally remembering to use the check list. A reluctant prospect finally revealing the barrier to purchase and then buying.

Why do these work so well? They rely on the biology of how we, as humans, process the language and the questions. Want another persuasive communications tool?

Here is the pattern:

People do, (insert the person’s name here) learn how to….

For example, let’s say you’re speaking to your son or dauther who is having trouble relaxing or who is having test anxiety. If you speak directly to the issue, you’ll probably meet with internal resistance.

But, if you say: “People do, Janice find ways to study and then relax,” you’re making a more general observation. And, because of the ambiguity of the syntax of the sentence the unconscious mind process the command for them to learn this skill.

It is a less direct way to break a pattern and to get some to start thinking about a new skill set.

More examples:

“People are Jim able to start looking at their problems in a new and more resourceful way.”

“People do Mom find ways to relax and get a good nights sleep”

When this is coupled with the previous technique of “I wonder….” you can really get things going.

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