Monday , 17 June 2024

Five Skills of Success – Communications Skills and Mind Set

I’m often asked the question “What is the most important thing (or skill) of success?” So, I was fascinated when I heard an interviewer ask Eben Pagan that very question. I enjoyed listening to his answers which included communications skills, marketing skills, and a mind set of success.

No mystery there, but Eben has a fascination with learning that I love. He synthesizes ideas so well and most importantly he really implements. He is a successful young man with some keen insights into human nature that can really make a difference in your business and your personal life.

This interview is in the context of a product launch of a product for people starting home businesses. But listen to this in the broader context and ask yourself how this applies to you?

Click here to watch the video.

Dave Frees

Thumbnail Credit: borman818