Monday , 17 June 2024

Cure The Fear Of Public Speaking – Become More Persuasive and Make Your Business More Profitable

If you are being held back by the fear of public speaking you are not alone. According to WebMD, the fear of public speaking is widespread, and greater than the fear of rattlesnakes and even death. And, for many people, the fear grows as they speak (not just before) and anxiety remains for long after.

Would you like to be free of that?

In this video Dave Frees explores the limiting and for some, debilitating, fear of public speaking. Using some of the techniques of ethical influence and persuasion, Dave walks you through three points and an exercise that you can do right now to begin to easily and effortlessly overcome the fear of public speaking and to become more persuasive to yourself and others.

Would the ability to present, speak, and persuade publicly to more and more people ever be useful or more profitable to you? The ability to overcome the fear of speaking and presenting in public is one of those game changers for many people and now it can be a turning point for you.

Enjoy this brief exploration of techniques that can actually help you to cure the fear of public speaking and begin imagining the changes that you can create.

Dave Frees

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