Monday , 17 June 2024

The Super Card – Enhanced Marketing to Build Excitement and Trust

In this video I describe an easy to use and multi-purpose “enhanced business card” that I use for a variety of important reasons.

It can stand alone on the table in front of each audience member when I speak or even if I’m not speaking, it helps to make me more memorable. It’s different. It builds interest, trust and credibility. The card contains a quick summary of my content so people always remember me, how to contact me, and to use what I teach.

The card also has a place for notes, and I instruct the audience, as we go to not the biggest breakthroughs, ideas, and “ah ha!” moments, or things that they learned and that they want to implement as soon as they get back to the office. This note section makes it almost impossible for someone to throw away and there you are, associated with their goals, and the most important ways that they want to use the information you taught.

This particular version also uses a series of questions to stimulate the reader: How would your life be Better? Richer? Different? if you had the keys to Enhanced Communications (TM)? (That is the topic I’m teaching when I use these cards. But, I also teach persuasion skills, leadership and negotiations depending on the audience, so I have a card customized to each topic.)

Speaking at seminars, conferences and conventions is a great way to promote your business. But, even if you never speak, this type of “enhanced business card” is a keeper. You can hand write a note in the notes section reminding the person where you met and what they are going to do. There are hundreds of ways to use this card and it makes you more memorable, it builds interest and it makes you and authority on your topic and helps you to build trust.

Think about it.

I’m also going to be giving away a few great books, so watch the video! The best topic comments, and ideas from you over the next few weeks will win the books so make sure to share ideas, or post a comment. If you win, we’ll e-mail you for your address and ship you your prize. Thanks and be well.