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A Quick, Fun And Easy “Genius Process” For Creativity and Problem Solving

All of these are unlike the other - And That's The Secret

If you could chose for an activity to be hard, complicated and marginally successful OR fun, entertaining and hugely successful which would it be?

Many times creativity in marketing, product devlopment, and general problem solving seems hard. And the moment it seems hard we start to become anxious and it gets even harder. But my interviews with creatives and business and artistic genius have convinced me that there are a few very important tools and systems that we can all use to achieve more and better results.

So what have I learned from some of the most creative people and most masterful problems solvers?

Fist, you have to get the creative juices flowing and that means coming at the issue from a new or multiple new perspectives.

Next, it’s essential to keep the ideas flowing.

The first few are usually not the best.

They are the product of the things we most often use. By holding off on evaluation and focusing on quantity and ignoring quality of ideas we produce more that can be reviewed and later evaluated and or combined or modified to be even better. These later, new and improved ideas often prove to be very successful and profitable.

I’ve dubbed this model Ideas and Solutions For FREE (TM):

Force Ideas To Appear From Different Perspectives At An Alarming Rate
Reserve judgment and evaluation until later
Evaluate and improve only after you have great quantities of options
Enact the best ones and TEST!!!!

But this may be one of those things that sounds easier said than done.

So how do I personally se the process?

Wildly Successful Ideas By Combining Wildly Different Sources

Wildly Successful Ideas By Combining Wildly Different Sources

Look at the picture again. A popular women’s magazine for younger women. A huge tome by a writer on mathematics and the human mind. A business tome by a young Silicon Valley mogul, and a book on questions and business.

When I have to come up with new product ideas, powerful descriptive or sales and marketing copy, or just to solve a problem, I gather many different resources, books, magazines, dvds and more. I make them strangely diverse and often things I might not otherwise read, watch or listen to.

Then I sometimes even arbitrarily open them and say what does this tell me about my problem? How does it help me? what solutions can I find here?

And when you do that with wildly different resources from wildly different sources you get really cool, diverse and often highly creative and successful results.

Try it. What do you have to lose?

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