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Learning and Doing Better, Faster, and With Exceptional Results

The Art and Science of Achieving More And Being Better
Than You Ever Thought Possible – Until Now

Have you ever seen a performance, or watched someone who
had an amazing skill, or was able to do something that you didn’t
yet know or understand? But you wanted desperately to be able to
do that thing>

Have you ever wondered how you could learn to do that thing?
How your life would be bigger, better and richer if you did?
If you could?

And what if you could do it exceptionally well?

Well, there are ways that we can learn to do things – even new
and seemingly impossible things – more quickly, effectively, and at a
higher level than you ever thought possible.

And, there are a number of tools available to help you to produce these
amazing and seemingly impossible results in your business and your life.

So what are we talking about?

And why do I think that you can surprise yourself and those around you
and start making changes, and doing new and
difficult things better than many people ho have tried and failed and better
even than many “experts” who have been learning and doing these things
for much longer?

Well the what do you want to do part is up to you.

Would you like to learn a new language? Play the piano? Become a radically
better marketer, chess player, surfer, dancer, athlete?

What ever you want, there is a place where:
1) your existing skills/strengths,
2) the 20% of strategies and tactics that matters the most,
3) the implicit and explicit knowledge of your “mentor/teacher” and
4) your ability to learn absorb and implement them coincide to produce faster and
dramatic results in anything you determine to undertake than most people think

So if you could learn to do something new, to get fantastic results and to achieve
at a higher level that you imagined, what would you choose?

Go ahead.

Make a list of two or three skills, abilities, or qualities that
you’d like to have.

Now pick the one that would make the most improvement in your life,
that you’d most enjoy having, and that might also enrich you in other ways as well.

Still skeptical about your ability to achieve this and to reap the numerous benefits
of becoming great at something you’ve always wanted but never achieved?


Skepticism is a healthy thing. But not if it holds you back from something
otherwise achievable and wonderful.

So let me show you a few examples of people who have done this before we
get to the HOW DO YOU DO IT part.

I was always a good student but was shy and awkward (and covered that up with a babbling
self talk and bothersome and constant bragging to others about things that mattered
not at all to them). So not surprisingly, I was not so good with people. I was disconnected,
failed to really listen, and didn’t really understand what they wanted or what
was really important to them – even when I thought I was listening to them.

I went to New Zealand as an exchange student and was determined to
become better, to make friends in that new land and to be both a good
student and a fun person to be around.

I discovered a few of these steps, and surprisingly became a public speaker,
a comedian, a much better student and a (and I’m quoting here) “really fun person
to be around”.

I decided I wanted to become better at languages and while I’m not fluent, I
can get around in several and while traveling have used my Greek, Korean, Thai,
and Spanish to order food, get directions, and to enhance my experience in
many countries.

Despite the fact that my guidance counsellor told me not to “over reach”
(advice I ignored, I applied to and got into Ivy League schools including law schools
and became a skilled (but friendly) interrogator, a
professional speaker and I met and married an awesome, beautiful and
incredible wife who is the mother of our three great children. And all
of this I ascribe to becoming a better communicator and listener by modeling
great interrogators, communicators and persuaders.

And now executives, business owners, corporations, professionals and
professional associations, marketing companies and other sophisticated
business people seek me out to help them with their communications and marketing.

I’ve learned to learn and then to do based on a few principals that make me better
and faster at learning and doing new skills than I thought possible.

And now for the last few years I’ve learned how to help others to reproduce the results
and improvements that they want to achieve by using these same strategies.

Who else has done this… and way better than me?

Tim Ferris (for more on Tim’s story click here).

Tim Ferris went to Japan as an exchange student and while he desperatly
wanted to learn the language, six months into his stay he was struggling
to learn and use the basics.

He discovered a secret and within months was becoming fluent. When
he returned to the United States and took the SAT II in Japanse he outscored
a friend that was a native speaker.

Later in life he decided that he wanted to be a kick boxing champion. So he went
to China to learn and compete i n the world kick boxing championship.

Tim speaks at TED

The full story is told in the The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)Four Hour Work Week. But the bottom line? Within
a few months he became a champion in his weight class.

A short time later he moved to Argentina and within months made the semifinals
of the international Tango Championship.

So here is someone who has mastered the ability to model, learn, and execute.
He has become a master of: 1) deciding what he wants, 2) finding out how to do it,
and then 3) mastering and enjoying the doing of it at a very high level.

So what is the secret of doing all three things?

Well, there is a process that makes this easier and faster than most people
think possible. Suprisingly, I most recently came across a great description
of this process in a cook book. In that book, The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good LifeThe Four Hour Chef, Tim Ferris uses
this process to encourage the reader not just to learn to cook but to become an
excpetional cook and to make cooking part of an enhanced life. Not just
to become better, but to become radically better at the parts of cooking that
matter the most.

The developers of NLP and brief therapy also set out an exceptional set of
tools for modeling and reproducing great results in any important undertaking.

But to get you started and to help you to realize that there are multiple systems
and strategies that can help you to transform your life and to acquire and to enjoy
“mad new skills,” here are the essentials to this secret formula.

There is a place where the following intersect:
1) Things you really enjoy and/or passionately desire
2) A set of skills that can be distilled from experts
3) A break down of the conscious and unconscious skill
(Typically masters are able to articulate certain information and other such skills, steps, and
process are outside of their conscious awareness in part because they are experts)
4) An understanding of the skills that matter the most 80/20 rule
(This means finding the fewest skills that give you the vast majority of the best results)
5) Your natural strengths that can be used in learning and activating these essential skills

So if we can find (by interviewing, training with, and modeling the masters) the skills,
strategies and methods that make them great then we can also determine which of these
matter the most and help to get the best, fastest and most thorough results.

Once we have done that, we can find the ones that we can do best given our
natural strengths.

That place in the ven diagram – where all five of the above meet and overlap,
is a magical place where real and exceptional skills and results can be forged or
discovered and honed.

Other matters that matter – upcoming topics for article on enhancing performance
and getting better results in everything from food to maketing your business product or

The order of things – Why the sequence/syntax matters
mastering the skills of the masters – Specific steps for learning what they really know and do
How to use the 80/20 rule for maximum results – Finding out what matters

Thanks for thinking about how to improve your business and your life.

To Improved Performance and Results!

Dave Frees

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