Monday , 17 June 2024

Feeling and Performing Like The Incredible Hulk – Learning and Mastering New Skills

How Tim Ferris Used The Strategies Of Learning and Implementing
To Get Better Results Faster and More Effectively Then You Think Possible

Now on the surface this seems like a video about swimming…
but it’s a very short lesson in learning and doing new things.

He’s speaking at TED so it’s short.

Pay very close attention to the idea that experts can tell us a lot,
save us an enormous amount of time, and can make us better.
But, experts are experts in part because they have vast amounts of
knowledge that are implicit (that they don’t even know to tell us)
as well as explicit knowledge (that stuff that they can tell us and teach us
from conscious awareness).

So where do you go from here if you want to start getting better results
in anything you do or to learn and then do something new – that you’ve
always wanted to do?

First, become better at getting information from yourself and others.

Become expert at negotiating, discovering and then implementing new
skills and enhancing old ones by knowing what to ask, how to ask, what to say, and
how to say it in order to truly learn the most from experts and to get the best results
from that knowledge.

Unless you can find experts, get them to happily talk to you, and to discern
what they really know and even get at the secret stuff that’s implicit to them,
then you cannot and will not become a overnight expert yourself.

But once you know how to get the interview, model the expert and get yourself to
do it, then you can start getting amazing results, faster and more efficiently than you
ever thought possible. So how can you learn to be come more persuasive and influential

So how can I help?

Here’s a related post with a few more ideas to the topic.

Next, understand that I’m an expert in enhanced communication and persuasion.

I learned to get information when I learned to use these skills for interrogation and even
as a comedian and later a paid speaker, coach to executives, business and political leaders,
and as a marketing consultant.

And I have now distilled and applied them in every situation from corporate and professional
copy writing and marketing to parenting and family communications.

Now what I’ve done is a full brain dump.

I’ve interrogated myself (actually, I had a professional interrogate me) and put together a
comprehensive and step by step system to make you an expert communicator.

With this product I walk you through each strategy and each tactic of
persuasion, communication and influence. So that by the time your done – you’ll need
just a few hours and then some practice each week, you’ll be able to
learn to do what you want – faster and more elegantly.

Basically, being more persuasive, more influential and a better communicator
makes yo better at everything you do now and will make you better at learning
and doing anything you aspire to do.

For more information about the Persusion2Profit system, click here.