Wednesday , 29 May 2024

How The 80/20 Rule Self Assessment Can Make Life Better and Business more Profitable

Time for accurate self assessment combined with
the right “80/20” questions can radically improve your
business and your life.

How often do you do a self assessment/evaluation to make sure that
you’re where you want to be or really on course for where you
want to be going?

If you don’t periodically schedule and take the time, then the day
to day events and the currents that they create can seep you way
and way off course from your desired outcomes.

For me? I try to do an 80/20 assessment in various areas of my
life monthly
so that in the course of the year I have taken some time
in each area. The time should be short but can yield results
that are huge.

SIDE NOTE: Want a count down timer so that you can determine –
in advance- how much time to spend on an activity like this (or social
media and/or email)?
Try It’s free and powerful.

Often, you can get major improvement without a lot of fan fare of even
precision in these self assessments. A great tool to get loads of actionable
information fast? 80/20 questions.

For example – in the area of relationships: What are the three or four
relationships that I currently have in my life that create 80% or more of the
anxiety (or name another negative emition you’ve been experienceing) in my life?

Take a minute. Actually write them down. Go with your first instinct.
You might be surprised.

Now, I’m not saying that we are not personally responsible for our state of
happiness or anxiety. We are. But if there are people in your life that are
taking enery and creating a disproportionate amount of pain while there are
others who seem to create the vast majority of hapiness in your life…..
then you might want to adjust how you spend your time.

Another use might be in the business or finance areas of your life.
You might ask: “Who are the clients creating 80% or more of our profits or the
financial or business strategies creating 80% or more of our investment return?

And conversely, who are the cleints/customers creating 80% of the problems or the
strategies that only add modestly to ROI but create confusion or take way from time
to be spent on other areas of life?Armed with this information (be sure that it’s accurate
and not wishful thinking) you might allocate time and resources differently.

Try creating your own list of 80/20 Questions in various areas of your life.

Schedule regular times to do self assessment in these areas and use the count
down timer to minimize the time, improve the results, and get the best

Then, review the self assessment and take action to improve each area.

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To An Even Better Life
Dave Frees