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What If Everything You Knew About NLP For Professionals Was Wrong? With Videos and Resources

Dave Frees Has Appeared on Mind TV To Discuss NLP

NLP Offers An Amazingly Simple Way Of Improving Communications,
Marketing and Management.

It Allows You To Become Better, and Even Better At Many of The
Most Important Things and The Skills You Most Value.

It Can Change Your Business and Your Life In Profound Ways
And Make The Impossible Now Finally Achievable.

But that’s not because it is a series of tricks, communications skills,
or therapeutic tools. Those are common misconceptions.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – is a sophisticated and elegant
way of modeling and then reproducing and even enhancing
excellence in any area of human behavior or endeavor.

It’s true, that the first fields in which it’s creators, Richard Bandler
and John Grinder, applied the early tools of NLP were in the areas of
therapy and the use of language. They studied and modeled
Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.

And, it’s also true that once you learn the most important
tools of NLP you’ll be a way better, more elegant, efficient
and effective communicator.

But, that’s because you’ll want
and need those skills to learn to elicit, model, and implement
the ways in which masters of anything that you want to do better
actually achieve those results.

So if you’ve ever respected, envied, or simply been amazed by
another person’s skill set – in any area of life or business. Then
you might want to know more and to really understand what NLP
is and how to use it.

You don’t have to take my word for it, when you get to the
bottom, you’ll find videos from NLPs creators on this very issue.

And, if you’ve ever wanted to know how they (the experts)
“did it” and to be able to reproduce better results for yourself,
then NLP might be worth learning and applying to become better
and better both consciously and unconsciously at one or more

If you believe that your beliefs – both known and unrecognized
may be holding you back from realizing your full potential, then
NLP may have something profound to offer you.

You see, when you ask an expert how they do something, you’ll
almost always get the wrong answer. In some cases, that’s
becasue the expert at some level doesn’t want to share the truth.

But, for most experts, it’s because they can’t really tell you. It’s
just not possible.


Because the very thing that makes them an expert also makes
his or her conscious awareness of themethod or the full model
inaccessible to them in the ordinary course of conversation.


Well, the thing that makes most people great at anything – even
feeling happy, being motivated, or being abundatly creative
is that they have mastered doing it unconsciou;y and without
thouhgt. Massicve amounts of information are accessed by
the expert instantaneously. They do things in a particular way,
sometimes hundreds of steps, quickly and without thought
in thei conscious awareness.

Genius involves a process, and chucking up ideas and information
and ways of doing things into big bites so that the genius or expert
doen’t have to do it step by pain staking step.

The genius happens – apparently automatically.

So when an expert explains his or her method, they almost
always get it wrong.

They are telling you about a memory of the conscious awareness
they have rather than what you really need to know to model the
method and to get the result.

Experts and the genius also tend to have systems (outside their
conscious awarenrtess) that also automatically adapt and improve
their own models. Some people are better at this than others who
have a great model to achieve some end but don’t have a model
for ongoing improvement.

What if you could learn not only to get that genius or expert to
reveal and understand his or her own model but then you
were able to combine that with a model for constantly doing what
needed to be done – a motivation model, and a model for constantly
improving and testing even better models?

Well, when you come to understand NLP – and what it was really
developed and created to achieve, then that result is within your

So think about some skill, behavior, or amazing result that you’ve
seen but not yet achieved for yourself.

Now imagine what your life would be like if you owned that
and it was automatic and second nature to you.

And now what if you got better at that all the time – without
really trying. It just happened. How good would that be?

How much more often would people say yes to you?

How much more would they love working with you, spending
time with you, enriching you because you enrich them and their


So what if everything, or even a bit of what you knew about NLP was
just plain wrong? What if you were able to act on this new view of NLP
and start getting results? Right away?

You can.

And, you can learn alot about NLP from reading. See the list of NLP
resources created by it’s creators below.

And I believe that you can become massively better at modeling and
understanding human excellence just by reading these books.

But, if you want the human experience – take a live training.

Do it with someone who is great at this.

Do it with Richard Bandler or John Grinder, or Tad James
or Jon Lavalle, or anyone who matches your style and has
trained personnally with one of them. Do a little research on this
first because the style vary and what is appealing and
interesting to one student might be off putting or even repugnant
to another.

But there is a real advantage in learning to do it live. To model
many different types of people and to communicated more elegantly
with many different personality styles. And, to get feedback as
you learn, in a real world environment – with real people.

And, if you’re a business person, business professional, or a
therapist you’re likely to experience two profound side effects.

If you read, learn, and train with someone who really knows
what they’re doing, you’re marketing will be better, your
skills will improve, and you’ll see results and changes in
many areas of your life – simulteneously – becuas e you’ll
know believe that is possible, and you’ll have the skills to
discover how to do it, to get yourself to do it, and to become
constantly better at doing it – whatever it may be.

NLP Resources:


The Classics

The Structure of Magic I and II (Bandler and Grinder)
Frogs Into Princes (Bandler and Grinder)
Tranceformations (Bandler and Grinder)
Persuasion Engineering (Bandler and Lavalle)

Related Works On Hypnosis and NLP
Please note that the early work was modeling the
language of therapy but pay particular
attention to how they did it and notice how
the improved communications skills facilitate
modeling other people.

Training Trances (Overdurf and Silverthorn)
Heart of The Mind (Andreas and Andreas)
Dynamic Learning (Dilts and Epstein)
My Voice Will Go With You (Erickson and Rosen)
Slight of Mouth (Dilts)
The Psychobiology of Mind Body Healing (Rossi)
Life Reframing in Hypnosis (Erickson, Rossi and Ryan)

Trainings (including my own)


Tad James

Dave Frees (Yes Me)

Two things here.

Persuasion2Profit Program for NLP
If you want to start with my Persuasion2Profit
program, you’ll get hours and hours of training in how to
apply NLP and other communications skills to you
business and life. This program
includes five
bonus cds of hypnotic installations that automatically
make you better at stress reduction, managing,
implementing and getting things done, wealth attraction and more.

Want training to improve your ability to model,
enhance your communications skills, management practices, and
marketing? Call Lisa at 610-933-8069 to learn more
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