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Getting Real Marketing Results From The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing Laws Number 1 & 2 – An Implementation Guide

Immutable Laws Of Marketing Number One and Two:
The Law Of Leadership – It’s Better To Be First Than It Is To Be Better

And If You Can’t Be First – Then Create A New Category Where You Can Be

So if you haven’e read the introduction to this series, check it out here
and then come back to learn law number one and specifically what do
to do make the law work for you to transform your business or
professional practice.

Now, the idea that it’s better to be first to market and to dominate
market share is great in theory.

Few American consumers would beg to differ or to refute this

    But what if you’re not the first one to market?

Then what do you do to get this law working for you
rather than having the business drag and friction of working
against the very first law.

Well, what Ries and Trout are really saying is that you
have to create a category – in which you are first.

What ever product or service you are currently providing, make sure
that you improve or modify or niche it so that you are first
to market and that you can dominate that market.

If you haven’t gone to market yet then don’t make this mistake.
Marketing is not all about convincing people to want your product.

You’re product or service should be positioned so that a large enough
group of people already want it and your marketing alerts them and
draws them to you.

As the authors’ say “It’s better to be first in mind than to try to convince
someone that you have a better product than the one that did get there first.”

Not convinced?

They have a cool little experiment in the book and I’ve developed a more
modern version.

Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

Neil Armstrong. Right?

Who’s the second? He was just a few minutes later. Do you know?

Gatorade was the first sports drink. Who was second?

Washington was the first President. Who was second?

The author’s question: Who was the first person to fly across the
Atlantic solo?

Charles Lindberg.

The second? Bert Hinkler. Ever hear of him?

See primacy does matter.

For many many more examples in services and in hard goods and brands, read the book.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk!

It will make you a believer.

So what do we do with this neat and sound bit of information? This potentially
powerful law?

How do you profit and do more with less, improve your margins,
and tame the chaos of business?

Ries and Trout are very convincing but
they don’t really give you the steps to take.

So here are a few vital steps and secrets to make this work:

First, take time each week to review and to implement these laws and the steps
you need to take.

Schedule it right now.

Wait and some new disaster, interruption, dilema, call, prospect, or
other factor will distract you and you’ll leave millions on the table becasue you
keep doing the same old things that cause the stress and just aren’t optimized.

So diary the time now and insist on that hour, half day, or day each week
being protected THEN use it to do these things

Next, if you havne’t gone to market, start identifying a niche, a group, a
demographic where your product r service can be the first of it’s type.

Great marketing will alert them to you and your benefits in THIER OWN
language and terminology (not yours) and will let them know that
you can and will solve their particular problem.

    So spend some time finding out what keeps them up at night, how they
    describe the problem, and how they want that solution delivered.

Already in business?

Well change is constant. And if you’re not innovating you’re
falling behind. So get out there and do the same for the newest and greatest version
of your product or service.

Bottom line?

Being first in any market allows you to dominate and dominating allows
you to spend more on marketing than your competition, which makes
it possible for your domination to grow and continue.

Decide to find a market and product or service where you’re first.

And diary and defend the time to do it.

Think about how much less complicated your life becomes when
fewer clients or customers deliver higher profits with less hassel.

Go Do it.

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