Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Business Cures For The Most Common Marketing Aches and Pains

Marketing Creates Both Profit And Wealth – But When It Doesn’t
Work It Can Be Painful

So What Are The Cures For Some Of The Most Common Marketing Ailments?

Have you ever actually gotten off your butt, written a letter, ad,
email or other marketing piece, proofed it, sent it out only to get a
disappointing result?

Everyone gets disappointing results. That’s data.

Not everyone has actually ever really done the marketing.

Many business men and women and professional


themselves that they’re
doing marketing, but after a long and arduous day of the nitty gritty of their
business or practice, they really don’t do much of anything.

They feel like they just can’t. Does any of this sound familiar?
It probably doesn’t happen to you. Has it ever happened to “a friend?”

If so the first and perhaps the MOST important way to improve your
marketing and your cash flow, and your profits, and the value of your business
is to create the time, block the time and protect the time
you allocate to work on it.

The easiest way to do this is to block it reularly on the calendar and to start
delegating the $15.00 per hour tasks that you’re now doing in your personal and business
lie that keep you from getting to $1,000 per hour or even $200.00 per hour activities.
But you can’t make this time and then fail to use it.

Once you delegate and pay someone (and don’t feel guilty because they probably
want and need that job) then you have to do the things that make more wealth,
happiness, and profit. That means get it on the schedule to do better marketing
and make better products and services for your best clients and customers.

Next, understand that marketing typically is not an event or one step activity.
It’s a process.

So let’s return to that mailing, ad, email, post card, or other markerting that
just didn’t work.

Why does that happen?

How do you fix it?

What do you do next to transform that marketing
disappointment into a great result?

First, spend more time on determining the result you
actually want.

Too many times we ask the marketing to do too many things and or
we send it without decisding in advance who we really want it to move
AND what we really want them to do as a result..
Try getting it to get them to sign up or ask for information rather than
going directly for the sale.

Get them engaged with you about something that matters TO THEM.
And, to the greatest extent possible, use the language that they would
use to describe their problems and your ideas, or solutions.

Next make sure that there is a great message to market match.
That is, determine who you want to attract and really do after that
type of client and that type only.

Got a product or service that can be niched to lawyers? Can it be
further niched to real estate lawyers? The more specific the message is
matched to the particular market the more the recipient of the marketing
will think it’s exactly for them and the less resistance there will be.

There’s quite a bit more to marketing success that really builds profits and wealth.
And having a sequence of messages that go out over time to the same list
is next.

More on that to come. Stay tuned.

Dave Frees