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Persuasion, Influence and Effective Marketing

What If You Could Provide So Much Value To Clients and
Prospects That The Number of Referrals – And Your Profits

And What If The Way To Do That Was As Simple
As Learning A Formula – Or How To Create One?

A Formula For Profit That's Easy To Use

OK. An Easy To Use Formula.

Being able to catch the attention of your clients and
prospective clients is essential to building a better and
more enjoyable and profitable business or professional

And building trust, and adding value – value that is
appreciated by the client – catapults a business or
professional practice from the ordinary, boring, and
mundane to the highly profitable and enjoyable.

So how do you do that?

Writing books, great reports, sales copy, headlines
for blogs, articles, press releases, correspondence,
ads, offers, and other materials is a skill, almost more
than any other, that can build or
destroy the trust and expertise that you need to radically
improve the quality of your life and the profitability of
your business.

It is persuasion in writing. It is an essential skill.

Do you do it or just outsource these tasks?

If you do it, is your writing skill influential?
Does it make people seek you out without having to
be persuaded?

As my friend Perry Marshall says, “…extream profit
opportunity exists only when the demand for your
services or products exceeds your ability to provide

When that happens, prices can increase. Profit
margins can increase, and perceptions of value,
competence, experience and expertise all
increase naturally and often exponentially.

So alright already. How do we do that?

Focus your skill development on the 20% that
gives you 80% or more of the benefits.

Of course, you have to have a great product or
service. And we’re taking it for granted that
you have identified a hungry and easy to reach
niche market that is under served and has the
ability to pay.

That’s quite a few assumptions and that last
paragraph is worth a re-read. But
assuming all of that, then becoming more
ethically and effectively persuasive and influential
in writing is a key that can and does unlock
the bank vaults already filled with unidentified
profits in many businesses

And learning to become more persuasive,
for many of the great copy writers of the past
and present, has meant learning, creating, and
adapting a few models, and formulas that make
all written copy more engaging, effective, and
therefore, more profitable.

This is the first, in a series of articles designed
to get you to the point where persuasive,
influential, and profitable writing is effortless.

So what is the formula? There are several.
But let’s take any easy one.

Want or need to write more engaging blog
titles or email subject lines? What if you
got twice as many people to open an email
and to take action? Would your life be better?

So here’s an example of a formula and then
how I go about creating, using, and reusing
these tools.

Headline Formula from my friend Rick Frishman
(the notes are mine):

“How the new _______ impact/s your
_________… and ___ things you need to do about
it now.”

And here’s a couple of examples also from Rick
of how you might apply it:

“How the new wireless cell phone headsets
impact your brain … and 5 things you need to
do about it now.”

NOTE: This works well
in part because it asks you to consider how
they impact YOU. It also offers a solution after
agitating you.

“How the new tax code regulations impact your
retirement plan … and 3 things you need to do
about it now.” Again, YOUR retirement plan and a
solution (or three) to the very problem the
headline introduced.

You see, Rick didn’t make up the formula. He
observed it in action a number of times and
created the formula, wrote it down, inserted
the blanks and now uses it frequently when he
writes copy.

Be ethical. Don’t steal another person’s work.
But don’t try to reinvent what works. There
are several great reasons – rooted in human
psychology and primate behavior as to why
this formula works.

USE THEM to your advantage.

Want more on these kinds of formulas?

Check out my awesome article on Cosmo
and copy writing which briefly describes some
of the tools I teach in my marketing key note
speech – How I Made A Million Dollars
With An $8.95 Subscription To Cosmo
and watch
this blog for more in the series.

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