Sunday , 14 April 2024

Speed "Reading" Videos & Learning on the Web At Your Personal Speed

Adjusting The Speed Of Web Video To Learn Faster And At Just The Perfect Speed For You

Lately I’ve been focusing on ideas, tools and information to help you to regain control over your business and personal life without sacrificing profitability or quality.

I just recently came across a little software tool that promised – and delivered – on just that need.

Do you watch a lot of instructional, informational, or entertainment videos on YouTube, or the web in general? Statistics tell us that most Americans get more and more of their educational and entertainment from these sources.

Have you ever come across a great video but it seemed to just lag? Time was crawling, but you were afraid to jump ahead for fear of missing the good stuff or an important step?

Well, you might be interested in a program called Enounce MySpeed. This little baby allows me to speed up all video (and if it’s highly technical to slow it down) so that I can watch and listen to a video in half the time without negatively affecting the experience generally, or the learning experience specifically.

In fact, I was recently learning some Thai vocabulary and this software allowed me to learn more words and better pronunciation faster than I was before I installed it.

More information in half the time. At just the speed I like. Studies have shown that this doesn’t negatively impact retention either. In my case, it may have improved retention.

So, if you still want to watch those videos, learn that new tennis shot, how to properly clean a bowling ball, or to change a diaper, then give it a try. Simple and easy to download and to use.

Who is using it? According to their website:

* Distance Learning students
* Online marketers and business owners
* Med students, Law students, and other professionals
* Businesspeople and professionals taking corporate training
* Music students
* Anyone learning a foreign language
* College students
* Continuing education students
* Transcribers
* Anyone watching lots of online videos!

There is a free trial period and a one time fee – no recurring charges – and it’s available for Mac and PC.

In the interest of full disclosure, I just think that this is cool, and works great. There are no sales or affiliate links.

Just give it a whirl and leave a comment if you have any other ideas for using it.

Photo Credit: MSVG