Tuesday , 5 December 2023

The Magic of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Why is it that in the past, you have set goals, you’ve made a plan, you’ve taken action and yet, when the new year rolls around you found yourself woefully short of the desired result?

I mean all of the experts tell you to write down your goals. Then they remind you to develop a plan. Finally, we have always been told that action is the real distinction. And in fact, it’s true. Those that take action seem to “have all the luck.”

So why have you not gotten all of your desired results?

The simple answer is that we often tell ourselves a story that we don’t yet believe. And, even more miraculously, we set goals which, if we achieved them, would have negative consequences that we haven’t really accepted. “Fake it ’til you make it” is hard for the mind. We know that we are faking and we fear failure.

So, in an attempt to protect us, from ourselves, the mind creates friction and barriers to those truly positive changes that, at the conscious level, we desire.

But, here is the good news: There is a proven way, to make this self-protective inner game less of a barrier and in fact, to engage the full force of the mind in helping you to make the progress you desire.

How do you access that power?

How do you instantly align the forces of your conscious and subconscious awareness to make the friction disappear and the desired result appear?

You can start now with the right questions.

They work like magic for reasons we’ll discuss later. In fact, just reading them – quickly and without stopping to answer them – is the best. Remember, just read them. Simply allow the mind to work on them effortlessly. Just keep going.

For example:

What would you like to dramatically change in your business or personal life right now?

If you could have that change, instantly by tomorrow morning, how would your life be different?

In what ways would your life be dramatically better?
How would your day start?
What would you see around you?
What would you do during the day?

How would these activities be different from your current day?

Are there any changes that would not be desirable?
How would this change affect your friends, family, loved ones, business partners, or others?
Would those changes to them matter to you?
Could you live with those changes?
How could you have your change and enjoy it even more?
Would that be worth the downside?

If you’re following directions, your head is probably spinning. You might just want to stop and write down your answers. Don’t! Just let the mind work. Soon, you’ll find that you’re telling yourself a story that you do believe is possible. You’ll be enjoying changes that will be aligned with what you want for yourself and for others and change will be more effortless.


More on the how this works later.

Dave Frees

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