Saturday , 24 February 2024

Getting What You Want. Everything? Yeah…Really. Everything.

In 2007 I lost 33 pounds (of weight – not money as in the Pound Sterling).

And, I have kept that weight off for all of 2008 (except for five pounds which I recently gained back – more on that later). It took several months to lose that much weight. But it took me four years of “trying” before it started to work – during which time I actually gained fifteen more pounds (yeah the weight again). What made the difference? I’ve thought about that quite a bit lately – as the combination of an injury and holiday junk caused the blip of five pounds.

It wasn’t until I read a recent blog post by John Reese that it became perfectly clear why and how I lost the weight. I realized, that this single secret was responsible for almost everything I have accomplished in life – which by my own standards, and according to many others is quite a bit. I have been an eagle scout, an exchange student, a lawyer, a comedian (not two things you often see together – but see Bob Battle, Esquire live at a comedy club someday) an interrogator, an adviser to political candidates, a teacher, and a speaker, I have built companies, served on the board of directors of banks and technology companies, raised a family, written books, lived in many countries, learned languages, painted, created blogs, helped to build houses for those less fortunate, chaired a community foundation, etc… And, when it comes down to it I did all of those things in the same way – a bit at a time.

I made a decision, and then I did something everyday to make them happen. It was only when I stopped putting off the needed actions that I actually lost the weight. As John Reese says, “you cannot lose thirty pounds without losing one pound.” I built wealth by saving a little bit everyday. I lost weight by eating less and exercising more everyday. I build companies, charities, and my practice by doing some marketing, some development and some work on each and every day.

Everyday? Well, almost. I have also learned that two other things are important to remember. You need restoration. See the Google course by Tony Schwartz below. The other thing that I have learned is forgiveness. Use the rhythms of each day and make sure that you get restorative breaks. Forgive yourself when you fail and forgive others if only for yourself, but do something everyday.

Don’t know what to do? Get clarity about what you want. Once I decided how I wanted to look and feel, it became clear. I have to eat a certain way, eat at certain times, commit to exercising in some way EVERYDAY, to drink more water, to listen to CDs and read articles that inspire me and support me. And, when I do it everyday, it took a while but it starts to work. Every time. It worked to help me to create and build wealth, spirituality, business success, and to write books, speeches, and on and on.

It is really clear to me. Skeptical or excited? Read another person’s experience too. John Reese is a smart cookie.

So, decide what you want (with clarity), figure out what to do (little things and big things), set aside the time (actually put it on your calendar and to do list), and do something everyday. Let me know what happens.

David M. Frees III

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography