Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Multiple Channels of Marketing for Success – Changing The Channel

When it comes to marketing success, “…if you’re only using one channel, you’re likely leaving millions of dollars on the table and in danger of losing the customer’s that you already have.”

That is the basic premise and warning of Michael Masterson’s new book, Changing The Channel: 12 Easy Ways To Make Millions For Your Business.  And while I have questions about the title (like why make the money for your business rather than for you?), the book is provocative and a must read.

And, if you’re thinking that you’re not really a marketer then you’d better think again.

If your business is going to thrive or even survive, then you had better start thinking of yourself as a marketer.  And, if marketing seems tawdry, or you’re afraid of losing customers from too much contact, then you don’t understand that your clients and customers are so bombarded by advertising and marketing messages and noise every day, that you must master marketing to get the word out.  If you have a valuable service or product, it is essential that you be better than the competition to get your product into the hands of those who really need it.  You owe it to your prospects and customers.

Changing the channel’s message is that while we used to be able to do this through one or two delivery systems – such as radio, or a print ad, that that is no longer enough.

The businesses that are most successful are those who reach their prospects and existing customers in a variety of ways and on a regular and on going basis – without turning them off.

The book is a romp through direct marketing, direct response, social media, search engine marketing, teleconferences, telemarketing, event marketing, and the synergistic effect of combining them.  Even if you’re an experienced marketer it’s worth reading as a reminder to check what is working and how that can be further improved and leveraged in combination with other channels.

Let me know what you think.  I found it worth the quick read and now I’m going back for the full analysis where a make a list of action items, things to assign to interns and others.  More on that process later. 

Dave Frees

Photo Credit: oskay