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“Business Force Multipliers” For More In Business & Your Life?


Dave Frees on Proven and Field Tested Business Force Multipliers

Dave Frees on Proven and Field Tested Business Force Multipliers


FORCE MULTIPLICATION IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE‘Force multiplication’ is a simple principle in warfare (and in business and professional practices) that dramatically increases the power of the forces (or resources) that you have at your disposal.The Problem Is Limited Time & ResourcesA problem in warfare (that’s also common in business) is in how to use the limited resources at your disposal for maximum effect and profit. In business as in warfare, forces and resources are almost always fewer and more limited than you’d like and perhaps need to get an intended result.For example where regiments are spread across multiple fronts or where you just have a small military force in comparison with your enemy, getting needed resources to multiple fronts can be difficult, dangerous, and expensive.In business, we want to get the most from our marketing dollars spent or our team members work without burning out our prospects or our valuable employees.We want to have more time with family, friends, and loved ones. And we want to be and to enjoy and to share more of our time and wealth.

The problem then is how to maximize the forces/resources that you have. To get more out of less.  And to do it, whenever possible, with a lower commitment of your own time and with lower stress.  Sound impossible?

I was skeptical as well.  But enter the force multiplier.

The Solution: Force Multipliers

The basic principle of force multiplication is to find and use factors that increase the effective power that you have (or reduce that of your opponents/competitors).

Using multiple multipliers has an even greater and synergistic effect, such that a well-multiplied small force can successfully take on and defeat a much larger force. Or, in the case of business, a smaller spend on advertising and marketing which is carefully developed for maximum effect can beat a much larger spend in many ways such as the desirability and profitability of the prospects produces, and/or a shorter closing cycle.

Example:  If you give a small force the advantage (force multiplier) of night vision technology, they become way more powerful than their enemy.  That’s especially true if your team can select the time and place (night time) of the battle.  But, these force multipliers are synergistic so add night vision to the tools of a carefully selected and very well trained group of special forces operators and you have a dramatic force multiplication.  The same can be done in a business or professional practice.

Types of Force Multipliers

People As Force Multipliers:

You, like a task force commander, have a limited number of people on your team. However, you can make them more effective in many ways, such as ensuring they are well selected, trained, optimally equipped and that they are given great systems and SOPs (standard operating procedures). Add to that training so that they know when an how to modify SOPs and you’re really building a powerful organization of leaders.

A particularly powerful people-based multiplier is morale.

And, selecting your team for optimism greatly supports moral. In fact, General Colin Powell once called OPTIMISM a significant force multiplier.

So to does carefully designed and effective training that makes people more tolerate of alternative views and that gives them a focus on the strategic objectives rather than just the task at hand as an isolated TO DO.

A charged-up group of people will fight far more fiercely, increasing the chance both of success and also of demoralizing the opponents (or in the case of business they’ll make clients/customers/and patients happier and more willing to spend and to refer).

Technology As A Force Multiplier:

Technology can provide many advantages, from satellite pictures of enemy deployment to the aforementioned night vision and stealth technology to all advanced weaponry.

A well-equipped soldier, salon, Marine, or airman alone is far more powerful than one with just a basic weapon, especially when trained and deployed effectively. Add to this the backup of motorized equipment, computers, air support and leadership training and a small group can have a huge effect.

The same is true in business.  When we carefully selected a document management system each person who drafted wills was able to do more (and better more consistent first drafts) in less time.

When we added a better CRM (client relations management system) we were better able to stay in touch with our clients and to give them more specific and customized information.  we became more apparent and more valuable to them.

Natural Resources

There are always natural resources around, and even at the immediate tactical level, soldiers will use the shape of the ground for cover and may at worst use sticks and stones for makeshift weapons.

More strategically, mountains, lakes, rivers and other geographic features should always be included in battle planning. The weather can also be used, for example attacking when the cold and wet has driven the other side indoors.

In business, this translates into using our size or location to give us a strategic advantage.  Good at direct mail?  Then we find customers and prospects who are responsive and we use it. Have a natural TV performer?  Then do loads of videos on strategic topics.

Have a great writer who gets a social following? Use blogs and social media content.

Psychology and Enhanced Communications Skills

Psychological methods can always increase your power. First, as above, motivating your own forces/team can make them more effective.

If  they believe they can win, then this will give them confidence and improve the likelihood of success.  And, if they understand not just a narrow job description but how it serves the higher strategic goal they are likely to be much more motivated and involved.

For those reasons, among others, great leaders build and develop leadership across their forces/teams and up and down the organization.  When people at all levels help to build and understand WHY they’re doing what they are doing it’s easier for them to make good decisions along the way and based on what’s really happening with clients and customers.

For example, if the receptionist understands the strategic objective of providing a truly happy experience for the client at every level of contact, then they will be better at solving problems when client’s call with them.

Strategies And Tactics

There are many other strategies and tactics that can be used to increase your ability, such as the use of guerrilla methods of marketing and managing in both symmetrical and asymmetrical warfare.

In fact the main purpose of most strategies and many tactics is to make the most of what you have, while decreasing the ability of your competitors in the market place to take the clients that you want and are best able to serve.

So Where do you go and act do you do from here?

Action Items:

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