Tuesday , 31 January 2023

How Funny or Die Sells Advertising "Covertly" and How You Can Do The Same

How To Build A Brand That’s Marketing For You-
Discretely, Covertly and All The Time – Even As You Sleep


How Will Farell Created Another Money Making
Machine and Are There Lessons Here For You And Me?

Just a few years ago, Will Farell created the web site
Funny or Die.

According to this video from the Wall Street Journal, the site has
become a successful platform for advertising embedded in the videos.
It’s not selling overtly, but letting viewers see the brand while
being entertained, and advertisers are paying.

As you watch this video interview, ask yourself if you can build a
resource, blog, web site, newsletter or other medium
for your niche market that is so desirable, that they come back,
over and over again or better yet share your content.

Can that site or other tool then be monetized for advertising,
or can it drive traffic directly to sites or other ways of monetizing that

Can this be done in professional practices, small businesses
and on or off line businesses?

Watch and think about it.

So How Can You Use This Strategy?
Create a Youtube channel with niche specific actionable tips,
ideas and solutions to your niche’s problems and
publish regularly. Embed your own products and
services through testimonials and in the videos

Create a print or email based newsletter –
We currently do a news letter to give lawyers, and
finanicial advisers and acocuntant who refer to us
greeat marketing tools. It get opened and read all the
time. We do out own ads and advertorials as well as running
articles from clients on how they use our tools and ideas and resources.

There are many more. Wan to brain storm with other smart
professionals, executives and business men and women
about how they do this?

Click 3 Days To Success for more on business masterminding.

Want to know more about covert persuasion and becoming more
influential in any thing you do knowing that people don’t like
to be sold but that they love to buy – they just want to discover the
truth themselves.

How would your life be better or richer if people said
yes to you more often?

This tool can help.

Want to see the whole Tom Brady video?

Enjoy and be prosperous and profitable.

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