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Conversational Persuasion and The One Step System – The One Thing That Matters

Have you ever wanted to be more persuasive?

If you were to become magically and radically more persuasive and influential, how would your life be different, better, and richer?

Once you know… once you have clarity… once you are sure about the one most important thing to you, then learning and applying anything more effectively – even persuasion – becomes much easier.

And, that is today’s lesson. Use one step programs.

Teach and learn in one step.

If you want to be more persuasive, then be clear about one thing at a time.

One Step:
What is the ONE major benefit you will experience if you are more persuasive or influential in this situation?

One Step:
What is the ONE real benefit to the other person – from his or her perspective? Help them to discover and aquire it.

One Step:
What is the ONE major action that you can take to help them and to help yourself at the same time? There is always something that you can do. Find it. Why?

Humans like clarity and a one step system makes learning easier. When learning is easy, you enhance the likelihood of action. It makes remembering easier and it makes action easier to take and more likely to for that action to last and to become habitual.

Try remembering five things to do each day to achieve some goal. How about one thing to achieve the ONE most important goal? Better? Easier? More motivating?

If you can really remember that ONE thing you’re much more likely to actually do it and to make it a positive habit.

Before you start the process of influence be clear:

What is the one way your life will be radically better if you are persuasive and influential in this situation?

Next, find out, with precision, what the other person’s one most overriding fear, concern and/or desire is.

Finally, determine what ONE step could you take to get them what they seek and you what you want at the same time. Impossible? Try it.

Eben Pagan recently interviewed Jorge Cruise who basically writes ONE STEP books for weight loss, health, and fitness. Now there are really more steps, but he always tries to find the one thing that will make the most difference and gets you to do that more often.

For example. Want to lose “belly fat?” Jorge Cruise teaches that a number of things are important to losing belly fat. But if you focus on just the one – just sugar (insulin levels) you’ll lose the weight.

Want to be fit in a few minuets per week? Look at the title of Jorge’s book 8 Minutes in The Morning. It is one thing that you do for a few minutes in the morning. That sounds like it’s doable. It’s not 12 steps. Well, even if it is twelve steps the title makes it seem like ONE THING. And hence, we are more likely to like it, understand it and to act on it.

Jorge’s titles are really persuasive.

It is a one step program (with more optional and less important steps only when you have agreed to and acted repeatedly on the one most important step – the one thing that matters more than anything else).

12 step systems work… but a one step system is killer! That ONE step can be appealing and highly persuasive.

And someone who only has to do one thing is more likely to act, especially when they have clarity about the ONE thing that is in it for them. And, if that action brings you closer to the one thing that you want – then all the better. Here’s to more influence and to being a better persuader and communicator.

Next article? How do you get clarity, find out more from others about what they want, and trigger the other person’s desire to really act – not just think? The language pattern that gets real results. Stay tuned.

Thanks for being a reader.

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