Tuesday , 31 January 2023

Wow… This Guy Surprised, Astonished, and Helped Me.

I get a lot done.

I run the Trust, Estates, and Wealth Preservation Section of a law firm. I write books, articles, and blog posts – almost everyday. I am the father of three, a husband, son, son-in-law, and brother. I serve on the board of directors of a charity or two at any given time and I serve on the board of directors of a bank. I speak on persuasion, communications and marketing to companies, law firms, and to conferences and conventions both in the US and abroad.

I am a boy scout merit badge counselor for my son’s troop, I help my daughter when she works with the horses at her old barn. I run several mastermind groups. I attend and participate in two others. I go to the kids activities, concerts, horse shows, and my wife and I see friends (not as often as we’d like) and entertain business clients.

I teach classes to politicians, and doctors, and lawyers. I’m also a big reader and I buy books all the time. I love technology which is like real magic. It is the transformation of an idea into a “thing” which does something itself. A thought then changes the world. Magic. And as a result, I buy stuff.

I help friends and neighbors with legal problems, I paint and travel and… we’ll you get the idea.

But my life is cluttered, and fast paced, and full, sometimes of anxiety and stress. Now, I’m working on this.

I want a simpler life. I want less clutter and more clarity. I want to make a bigger impact but I want to stay healthy and see my family and read. And Tim Ferris recently reminded me in this blog post that there are always times of trauma, anxiety, and crises of self confidence when you are building something and trying to bring about change and improve lives.

But he also said that when he wants to learn something he seeks out someone who who made profound advancements in a short time. That struck a chord. Want to get something doen? The learn from someone who learns fast and who gets it done.

In a related blog entry he introduced Leo Babauta. Now this guy has really done something amazing. According to Tim Ferris, he went from one reader of his blog to being on the Technocrati top one hundred in under a year. His topic? How to do less and accomplish more. How to simplify your life. And, that is something that I am interested in. And, if you are interested in having a quality life, but with more simplicity then you have to see this site. But, this is not just another simplify your life thing.

When you go there. And I’ll give you the link in a moment, be sure to check out the categories under browse on the right hand side of the page. It is breath taking. He has sections on health and happiness, simplicity, organization, finance, productivity. The list goes on. Want to break a bad habit? There is a simple, proven workable plan. Want to be more productive? There are ideas, elegantly presented and explained.

Enjoy and may your life be richer and simpler.

David Frees

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